Lenovo received a lot of flak when it launched the Z5 smartphone, which was heavily marketed to have a truly bezel-less display without a notch or a chin. But the Lenovo Z5 turned out to be just another smartphone with a $200 price tag. Now the Chinese smartphone company is teasing another smartphone launch that may well be everything Lenovo Z5 was supposed to be.

At a press briefing conference in Beijing, Lenovo VP Chang Chen was seen showcasing the notch-less Lenovo Z5 Pro, which one of the company executives shared on Weibo saying it will officially be launched on National Day in China, which falls on October 1.

"There are surprises on National Day, and that he will take care of the old Liu in the future," the executive wrote on Weibo hinting at the earlier claims made by Cheng earlier this year. The post also added that the Z5 smartphone sold very well in China, despite what many saw it as "deceptive marketing." The Z5 never made it out of China and there's no word on whether Z5 Pro will change that.

Lenovo Z5 Pro shown at a press briefing in China by Chang Chen
Lenovo Z5 Pro shown at a press briefing in China by Chang ChenWeibo user

Lenovo Z5 Pro briefly shown at the company's Tech World 2018 event in China, enough to get an idea of what the smartphone might offer. It's clear that the Z5 Pro will feature a bezel-less display without the notch, an in-display fingerprint scanner and a pop-up selfie camera as seen in Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X.

A leaked hands-on video of Lenovo Z5 Pro showed a camera slider just like the one we've seen in Oppo Find X, which will house the camera sensors. The slider is a manual one unlike the motorized one in the Oppo Find X. Just look at it as the good old days of slider phones.

Before launching the Z5, Chen had teased other aspects of the phone, such as 4TB storage and a battery with 45 days standby. It's hard to guess if these features will actually make the cut in the Z5 Pro. But it's best to keep the expectations in check and wait for the official reveal in just a few more days.