Writers of the show Legacies must have spurted out their feelings through the character Elizabeth Saltzman when she said Langdon and Josie are filling up a void left by Hope and Penelope. Similarly, Legacies is trying hard to fill up the void left by The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, except they are unable to think clearly anymore.

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals heavily entertained young adults, who waited long to watch, Stelena (Stefan and Elena) and Delena (Damon and Elena) romance, even in the midst of supernatural war cry between werewolves, witches and vampires. Legacies can be comparatively more suitable for children below 18 since they have monsters in their show, which particularly might not attract adults.


The Legacies

There's Sebastian who is a British version of Damon Salvatore but can't exactly be called Niklaus Michaelson either, there's a glimpse of Hope's aunt Frey Michaelson who has a son now and they have named him after their dead brother Niklaus. When the second season of Legacies started, no one was aware of the existence of Hope Andrea Michaelson and if you have been an ardent fan of The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, you would know that the natural causes such as deaths are only a joke in this realm, as supernatural beings always manage to come on Earth in the next season.

Death in this world is akin to a temporary journey to the other side. Hence, something as brittle as magical amnesia could be broken in a second. Secretly, we all knew it would only take Hope a few more episodes to bring back everyone's memories when that happens in the sixth episodes, the series begins to become a joke, at least when you compare it with the father-mother series.

Josie Saltzman here gets the limelight. She is seen in two phases, the loyal Josie who is a sweet, kind sister and the evil Josie who is consumed by dark magic and just wants to finish off the merge with her sister, which might eventually kill her.

Season 2

The monsters in the second season come back again from Malivore and this time there has only been a change in names, but the troubles are mostly the same. There's even a happy Santa who despite his weight issue manages to swift quickly and kill Kramus, another monster who has kept Santa trapped for years. One could almost secretly hear the other Klaus (Hope's father, Niklaus Michaelson) laughing out loud from the other side of this realm after witnessing the serious falling standards of the writers of this show. This is a show where Santa is real, so can we watch it with children except the episode where we see Lizzie enjoy the most lustful sex in a forest with the smouldering Sebastian, who has the perfect jawline.

If that's not enough for you, wait till you meet a male fairy with wings like Tinkerbell, (if only Tinkerbell was a giant). This fairy is a boy named Wade who only gets his powers if everyone believes in him. (Now where have we heard that before?) oh right...in Peter Pan.

It's difficult to understand the Legacies target audience. Is it for below 12 years old, if yes then why do they explore Lizzie and Sebastian lustful relationship which is purely based on a feminist woman who is unable to control the hunger of her flesh, the desire to be touched by Sebastian. If it is for people above 18-years-old, then is there a need for Santa or male fairy? While we are all for gender-neutrality but why do supernatural fairies in the adult world need wings to fly when they have witches to help them transport into different places? Later a cupid and his evil twin Pothos joins and the only reason why we are able to forgive that since it enhances the romance between Hope and Langdon. After the longest time we met a heterosexual couple where a handsome hunk relies mainly on the girl to come to his rescue. The woman has an upper hand and all she wants from the boy is for him to stop comparing power in relationships.

While talking about flying, Wade isn't the only boy..fairy who can fly. Langdon can fly too. After all, he is a phoenix. He has wings.

You want to love Hope for her intelligence but it is Elizabeth's honest nature (although a bit narcissistic, and arrogant) which you are able to comfortably inhale mainly because she is a confessed mess. Her feminist head tells her not to fall for the patriarchal tactics' of 1000-year-old vampire Sebastian, but she has her own set of demands.

When the 14th episode arrives, Legacies Season 2 adapts a narration akin to Double Indemnity style film noir. For the uninitiated, Double Indemnity had been the first kind of film noir. There are detectives in the hat, one of them even thinks of himself to be Sherlock Holmes. There's intense rain in the time of suspense, it basically becomes a 60's styled, black and white film noir.

In another episode, Hope turns into Red-Riding Hood, Josie becomes the yellow-attire donning beauty from Beauty and the Beast and there are too many Grimm references.

Were the writers simply tired and borrowing from fairy tales and noir films? That's what it hinted. Or these actors just wanted to wear a costume that didn't require them to be in a school uniform.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that has struck worldwide, the second season accidentally ended till here and luckily for the makers too, it ended on a major cliff-hanger, where Hope showed no signs of waking up from Josie's subconscious.

You can catch Legacies Season 1and 2 Amazon Prime Videos