gajrajrao jeetu

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for a lockdown on March 23, 2020, from 7 am to 9 pm a video went viral where various men had gathered at a tea stall. Since then, various people on social media shared their stories of how the elderly members in their house are not taking the coronavirus incident seriously.

The video begins with Gajraj Rao accidentally answering the video call, which he receives from his son, Jeetu. When Jeetu catches him walking out of the house, he starts to explain to his father, in an irritable manner that the lockdown called by the Indian government is not a public holiday, but an emergency shutdown called for the protection of the people in India.

Earlier, you have seen Kartik Aaryan rant about it in his Pyaar Ka Punchnama style on social media. In TVF's latest video, Jeetu and Gajraj Rao's conversation reflects one of the conversations where you urgently want to make your parents aware of the virus but they fail to take you seriously. 

Jeetu, here, is lucky that he has a father who is ready to listen to him, although he does come up with illogical means to defend himself and find an excuse to walk out. Here, at least the father does not exert his power by randomly proclaiming, 'I-am-old, so I-am right and you-are-wrong' theory which most parents have followed for the longest time. 

Jeetu makes his father aware that although he may not be affected by the disease yet, one cannot guarantee that others whom he meets outside do not carry the deadly virus within themselves. When he becomes one of the carriers of the virus, he only risks his wife's chances of contamination. Considering the fact that they are aged people he advised them more to stay at home. 

For various reasons, it becomes a conversation that you remember. Next time your father chooses to disagree with you. This entertainment video might just save your time in explanation. 

On the work front, the  Gajraj Rao and Jeetendra Kumar were recently seen in Subh Mangal Zyaada Saavdhan where Ayushmann Khurrana had the lead role. The film explored the topic of homosexuality.