Prisons are usually a place to repent your mistake and a place for those who committed wrong deeds to be punished. The situation in the prison is often dire with the prisoners denied luxuries which people in the outside world enjoy. In India, prisons do not allow non-vegetarian food, personal phones and alcohol.

However, this is not the case in a particular prison in Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh where leaked photos of prisoners having a party with alcohol and non-vegetarian food surfaced. The prisoners were having a feast at the Naini Jail in Uttar Pradesh as part of a farewell party for Mafia don Atiq Ahmed transfer from the prison to the Sabarmati Jail in Gujarat.

The party took place inside the prison on the day before Ahmed was transferred.

This is a particularly embarrassing moment for the prison security guards whose jobs are to ensure prisoner safety, to make sure that they do not have access to the above-mentioned items.

The photos, which are going viral on social media, feature gangsters who have been residents of the Naini Central Jail for years. Chandra Prakash, the ADG Prison UP told IANS, "I have instructed the DIG, Prison to probe threadbare the involvement of the jail staff to ascertain how non-vegetarian dishes, liquor and smartphones, seen in the photographs, got smuggled inside the jail."

"As of now, we cannot ascertain the date and time. We cannot say these pictures are of the farewell party of Atiq. However, till the final report is seen by me, we can only say that it appears to be a serious breach of security and we would take strict action once it is confirmed that such a party took place inside the jail," Chandra Prakash added.

Ahmed was airlifted from Prayagraj to Sabarmati on June 3 and a special security team was in place to monitor his journey. He was arrested earlier for kidnapping and torturing a businessman.