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In a freak accident at Vadodara in Gujarat, a woman was decapitated after her earphones got entangled in the lift doors. Sushila Vishwakarma, 48, was working in a plastic manufacturing factory in the city. On Monday morning, she had taken the elevator from the ground floor to the top floor. However, her head got stuck in the lift and was severed as the lift moved up.

When the elevator stopped, Sushila's body along with her phone was in the lift while her decapitated head with the earphones still connected to it was lying on the ground floor.

The police think that the earphones could have gotten entangled in the collapsible gate which led to her gruesome death. However, there is also a suspicion that Sushila might have stuck her head outside the elevator while it began moving and her head could have separated from her body.

"The elevator, which is without a roof, is used specifically for carrying goods. We are speculating that she was using her phone and absent-mindedly she tried to stick her head outside the lift, which started going up, and the accident happened. So her body was dragged till the last floor and head got severed," MN Saporiya, the Investigating Officer from Bapod police station told Indian Express.

Sushila's body was given to her family after a post mortem and a case of accidental death was registered Bapod police station.