Hotel Milan Palace
notice outside Hotel Milan PalaceTwitter

After the continuous attack on the Indian Army by the Pakistani forces, a famous hotel in Uttar Pradesh has restricted entry for Pakistani nationals from entering its premises.

Hotel Milan Palace in Prayagraj of the district has taken this measure to bar Pakistanis from entering the hotel complex as a retaliation to the dastardly Pulwama terror attack against the CRPF personnel killing 40 officers, orchestrated by the militant outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). The hotel has also displayed notice outside the building that reads "entry of Pakistani nationals restricted, by the order of management".

Hotel Milan Palace
Hotel Milan PalaceTwitter

The hotel is very famous in the city and is well known among Indians as well as foreign nationals including Pakistanis. "We had put up the notice after Pulwama attack. No Pakistani national has come here but even if they come we won't allow them rooms. We're protesting in a way we can", said Harjinder Singh, manager of Hotel Milan Palace, reports ANI.

According to the reports, the notice has been put up in in two hotels, Hotel Milan on Leader Road and Hotel Milan Palace in Civil Lines by the owner by Sardar Jogindar Singh.

The 67-year-old Singh said that he does not want to do business with Pakistanis nor earn money from them. For him this is a small fight against the brewing terror outfits in Pakistan. "I don't have a gun to fight country's enemies. But this is my way of taking on the perpetrators of these dastardly terror attacks. For me nation comes first and then money", reports Hindustan Times.

The notice was put months back post Pulwama attack but this became an attraction during the polling season in India. The notice by the hotels, however has gone viral on social media.