Jellyfish-shapped object caught in Holland
Jellyfish-shapped object caught in Holland. [Representational image]Screenshot from Groninganus Blog

Canada's Brandon city has reported sighting four UFOs. A video of the incident, uploaded on YouTube on Saturday, November 26, has gone viral and is baffling everyone.

In the captured footage, four strange blinking objects can be seen flying across the sky of the Canadian city. The man who shot the video was petrified. According to Daily Star, he said that the UFOs followed him for 12 miles on the highway.

"I am shaking right now. It is crazy. They followed me along the highway. I can't believe I am holding the camera this steady," the man said.

Check out the video in here:

CTV Winnipeg/

Apart from this, a UFO crash site has been spotted on Mars by NASA image specialist Steve Wingate. The images were shot by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor way back in 2000.

This crashed UFO was found to be 190metres wide in Medusae Fossae Formation, a large geological unit of uncertain origin on Mars.

All UFO hunters agree that the strange structure in the image is a crashed UFO which is half buried in the Martian soil. You will be more stunned to know that these photos were found missing from Wingate's website despite him making them public!

However, the snaps are now safe and available at NASA servers titled MOC narrow-angle image M11-01534. Check out this article for more details and the video footage!

Another UFO sighting was observed on the Moon, when a fleet of UFOs was seen taking off into space. Some claimed that what was being observed in the video was an outcome of optical illusion, but you decide for yourself.

A UFO was found flying in North Carolina too! It was flying at a speed of 10,000 mph and it was shot by a veteran's aerial camera. He spotted the UFO while checking footage.

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