UFO crash
This dark, rock shaped structure found on Mars is likely to a crashed UFO. These images were released by NASA.Youtube/UFOvni2012

A YouTube user named UFOvni2012 has accumulated NASA images and created a video which is regarding a UFO sighting on Mars. The UFO-hunters agree with the mysterious craft to be a crashed mothership on the Red Planet.

The video footage shows a dark coloured, rock-shaped lying on the surface of Mars. It's size is estimated to be 190 metres wide, its believed to have crash-landed and impact the Red Planet's surface at a low angle, after which it slid to the left and got buried into the Martian surface.

According to the video, this UFO was sighted at the Medusa Fossae formation, which is a huge geological unit comprising of wind-eroded deposits which extends up to 1,000 km along the equator. The term "fossae" means trenches in Latin.

As per the (European Space Agency) ESA, Medusa Fossae formation region of Mars is found near the boundary of the volcanic activity centres called Tharsis and Elysium.

This is likely to be dangerous for spacecraft because as per the 2005 findings of a High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC), present on ESA's Mars Express spacecraft, there are chances of another spaceship crash to have taken place.

In the year 2000, the Medusa Fossae formation was being photographed by the Mars Global Surveyor and the NASA image specialist, Steve Wingate, spotted this strange object appearing like an alien space vehicle which crashed and got half submerged into the Martian surface.

What's even stranger is that despite making this kooky discovery public, the snap was found missing from his website, the video revealed. However, the NASA servers still have the image titled 'MOC narrow-angle image M11-01534' which was published way back on October 16 2000.

A report by Metro quoted Waring say "The long and turned landing tracks left behind from the craft show that the ship crash landed as gently as it could."

The video also points towards a cockpit-like structure on the top of the crashed UFO.

"I think it is more likely to be a natural geological formation," Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigation Manual stated as per a Daily Mail report.

"Though there is added mystery to the allegation that the images have been removed from websites to keep this image secret," Watson stated further.

Have a look at the video: