Two days after President Ram Nath Kovind imposed Governor's rule in Jammu and Kashmir following the collapse of the ruling BJP-PDP coalition in the state, terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba has slammed the current political status and even backed Congress's opinion about it.

Congress leaders and former J&K Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad had stoked controversy after he said that Indian Army operations in the state killed more civilians than terrorists. Azad's statement came at a time when reports have been claiming that under Governor's rule there would be more stress on security operations.

On Thursday (June 21), Mahmood Shah, the chief of the militant outfit, said in an e-mailed statement that LeT echoes the same views like Azad and other Congress leaders. Shah also added that by imposing Governor's rule in J&K, several innocents will be massacred, reported Republic.

"We have been of the same opinion as of the expressions of Ghulam Nabi Azad and others since the beginning. India is up to bringing back the Era of Jagmohan by imposing the Governor law so as to sabotage the infrastructure and commit massacre of innocents. It is a move to further intensify the mass killings," LeT Spokesman Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi quoted Shah as saying.

The militant outfit even alleged that the Indian forces are committing atrocities in the state. According to Shah, Kashmir has been witnessing human rights violations for the past 70 years and the residents do not have religious freedom, reported the news outlet

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LeT said that several innocent people will be massacred by Indian forces during Governor's rule in Kashmir. (Representational Image)Reuters

Here's what the head of the terrorist group said:

"Mehbooba Mufti has strived to her excellence in establishing the agenda of RSS in the Valley and Jammu. 8 lakh Indian forces are committing atrocities in Jammu Kashmir. The people are being suppressed down into slavery by excessive force. But the immense sacrifices by the people of Jammu Kashmir have rendered the likes of Operation All-Out as complete failures. The cease-fire was mere a drama. It was intended for covert targets, not for the peacekeeping developments.

"India is frustrated for its failure in sabotaging the indigenous freedom struggle since four years. India is doomed for failure in all its conspiracies and vicious tactic. The martyrdom of Shujaat Bukhari has further exposed the vicious agendas of Indian forces. India is up to suppressing every voice that is vocal about its state terrorism. The pro-Indian politicians are talking about India's war crimes just for their selfish political agendas but their role for pushing the people into slavery is well-recognised.

"Indian forces are committing worst genocide on innocent Kashmiris under the disguise of Operation All-Out. The Indian forces are compensating their frustration and defeat in their fight against freedom fighters by killing innocents. The report by UNHRC on the human rights violations in Kashmir is although late but a productive step in the direction.

"India is committing gross human rights violations in Jammu Kashmir since 7 decades. The human rights and religious freedom are severely being violated. The people are barred from offering the Friday and Eid prayers. In Jammu Kashmir, we offer the Eid prayers alongside the funeral processions of our Martyrs. But mere a single report on Jammu Kashmir is insufficient. The solution to Jammu Kashmir Conflict is of utter importance," said Shah.