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Kylie Jenner has been creating quite some noise on social media. Recently, she put her fans in a state of frenzy by tweeting a mysterious tweet saying, "I have something really exciting i get to share soon with you guys! I've been cooking this up for a while i can't wait to share my new project alreadyyy."

Upon reading that tweet, all her fans started making various assumptions. One fan assumed that she might be pregnant for the second time, so when she asked, "are you pregnant again?" Kylie was very quick to answer that part and deny any such rumour that might get entertained.

It is not something that is coming out of the blue. In a recent interview, it was revealed that Kylie is planning another baby to keep up with her dream of having a big family.

Kylie has been very patient with all her fans, who did not stop making assumptions. Some asked if she will start a career in music or not, some assumed if the tweet has anything to do with her line of cosmetics. Some even went ahead and asked if she has partnered with anyone.

After, assuming everything the fans have been left scratching heads to what exactly can be the new project that Kylie will come out with.

There have been several other potential ideas that are making rounds on the internet. Some people have also gone forward to decipher the tweet by trying to stress the word, "cooking." Some speculate that she and YouTuber James Charles might come up with a cooking show. While some are assuming that the second season of Life of Kylie might be on the cards.

As of yet, no date has been specified by the 21- year old reality star but, as of for now she is busy spending time with her bff Jordyn Woods celebrating Stormie Webster's first birthday.

The three are spending the weekend in Turks and Caicos, Hawksbill estate. The place is a perfect gateway to celebrate the little one's birthday.