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A five-year-old boy in China accidentally tripped on a 14 centimeters metal needle and it got stuck so deep into his throat that it penetrated his skull. However, the young boy miraculous survived.

Xiao Yu was playing with the needle used for knitting clothes at his home in the city of Bijie in south-west China's Guizhou when it happened, reported Guizhou Urban Newspaper.

Yu put the needle that belonged to his grandmother in his mouth and started running around when he accidentally fell and the metal stick penetrated his neck and skull.

He was immediately rushed to Guizhou People's Hospital in the provincial capital Guiyang, reported.

Yang Xiuhai, a doctor from the hospital who saved the boy's life, said his life was at risk because the needle went into the skull, according to a Daily Mail report.

After a four-hour operation, the doctors successfully removed the needle, and the young boy is now in a stable condition.

His father Yu Fangzheng said: "Thanks to doctors' timely help, my son has been saved. We will be more careful in the future."

In another recent incident, a toddler in China fell onto a chopstick at his home and had to undergo a critical surgery to remove it from his brain.