When the days of the nationwide lockdown hit too abysmally, the law-keepers are the lone solace for the helpless laymen. Yet, most of the time, these officials who are to guide the people struggling in hardships, are found misusing their power.

Amal Madhu
Amal Madhufacebook

Student humiliated by cops

In a shameful incident, a student in Bengaluru hailing from Kerala was left humiliated and astray when he approached the Hebbal police station for seeking details regarding inter-state travel during the fourth phase of lockdown.

Amal Madhu, a student of Atria Institute of Technology in Hebbal, along with his friend approached the police officials on Tuesday, May 19 to enquire on the available transportation services from Karnataka to his native place in Kerala.

The two students, says Amal through his Facebook post, were humiliated by the officer who was in charge of the enquiry section when asked on the details. "We were talking in English and he started shouting in Kannada that we don't understand," wrote Amal.

When told about their need and college details, the officer allegedly quipped why they should come to study in Karnataka all the way from Kerala. Despite these remarks, Amal continued to ask regarding their travel pass as he had applied for the travel through the Seva Sindhu portal of the Karnataka government that channelized the transportation of the stranded people for the officer replied quite discourteous and ill-mannered.

Amal Madhu Facebook post on Hebbal police
Amal Madhu Facebook post on Hebbal policefacebook

"I repeatedly asked him about the pass that I had already applied through seva sindhu online portal and about the bus services available. His reaction was awful and he told me to run to Kerala by mimicking the running gesture like a comedian," mentioned Amal in his post tilted 'Humiliation from Karnataka Police'. "After that you can assume two words 'Get out'," he added.

Lockdown chaos 

This underlines the rude behaviour of the cops over the helpless stranded students as well as migrant labourers who approach them to know the details regarding the transportation services to reach back home.

Since the initial days of the lockdown, these stranded people including children, senior citizens and those with chronic ailments; have been struggling hard as most of them were not even adequately provided of their basic needs of food and water.

Bhaskar Rao IPS tweet on Hebbal police
Bhaskar Rao IPS tweet on Hebbal policeTwitter

Such rude and irresponsible remarks from the officials can spread homophobic discord among the people in vulnerable situations.

Noticing on the apologetic action from the Hebbal police officers, Bengaluru Commissioner of Police, Bhaskar Rao IPS said that none of the seekers should be left humiliated or unanswered. "Sensitize your Officers to be helpful irrespective of Language, appreciate diversity," he added.