Stray dogs
Stray dogs menace claims life of a 15-year-old girl in Kerala. [Representative image]Reuters

Stray dogs took yet another life in Kerala as a teenage girl fell victim to the menace in Thrissur district.

Greeshma, 15, was on her way back home after purchasing milk on Friday morning when she was attacked by a pack of stray dogs. 

She tried fleeing the dogs and accidentally fell into a well that wasn't being used. According to the police, her body was found by a fireman, and sent to a government hospital located in Kunnamkulam Taluk for autopsy.

The incident happened days after the Supreme Court passed an order about banning the killing of dogs.

This action was taken by the Supreme Court after several instances of vigilante groups killing dogs came to light. In September, a group of activists killed five dogs and marched with their dead bodies on the streets of Kottayam town.

Despite the Supreme Court's order, many Keralites are in favour of culling these canines due to the dangers posed by them.