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Video of Kerala government hospital staff denying tickets to patients goes viral on social mediaFacebook

A video from the ticket counter of a government hospital in Idukki, Kerala, has been doing the rounds on social media since Friday (November 10) evening.

In the video, a man is asking a lady staffer at the counter of Painavu government hospital about the delay in giving tokens to patients.

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From the conversations of people in the viral video, it is understood that depite a long queue, the employees were talking to each other without giving tokens to them (which would enable them to get treatment). Since the man, who captured the video, questioned them, the staff apparently decided not to give any more tickets and left.

"Isn't the government paying their salary using the tax we pay? Can't you see the long queue here? Why are you not giving us tickets? The lady who was sitting here decided herself not to do her job. Is it her right to do so?" the man is heard asking a senior employee of the hospital.

However, even after a senior staff tried to settle the issue by asking the man to delete the video, the female employee refused to do her job. The man claims he filmed the incident as proof as the lady threatened to file a police complaint against him.

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"We have been waiting in this queue for more than one hour. See, we are here with an infant for an injection," another woman is heard saying in the video.

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Ever since the six-minute video surfaced online, netizens have been abusing the woman's arrogant attitude.

"I will be very happy to see that arrogant unworthy lady staff be suspended from service. She forgot that she's is one among the citizens, I even doubt she has a family or children. One with good family background can't behave like this. I don't understand why the other people are trying to protect her instead of bringing her back on duty. It's ridiculous [sic]," commented a social media user.

The video has been shared on the Facebook page of International Human Rights Association with over 1.5 million views in less than 20 hours.

Is the action of the woman staff justifiable? Decide yourself!

Watch the viral video here: