Kerala floods
A broken house due to flood water in Chengannur on August 20, 2018 in Kerala,Atul Loke/Getty Images

Kerala told the Supreme Court on Thursday that the deluge in the state was caused after Tamil Nadu released water from the Mullaperiyar reservoir. 

The state of Kerala blames its neighbour, saying that it had requested Tamil Nadu to gradually release the water in the Mullaperiyar reservoir when the water level reached 136 ft but the latter did not comply.

According to NDTV, Tom Jose, the Kerala Chief Secretary said that the same suggestion was given to the Tamil Nadu government when the water level reached 139 ft but the state did not agree. The report adds that Tamil Nadu released excess water, which led to the floods.

Kerala had to open the shutters of the Idukki Dam, which is situated downstream.

The Mullaperiyar dam, located on the Periyar river, is in Kerala but is operated by Tamil Nadu.

The affidavit filed by Jose, said, "The sudden releases from the Mullaperiyar Dam, 3rd largest reservoir in the Periyar Basin, forced us (Kerala) to release more water from the Idukki reservoir, downstream of Mullaperiyar, which is one of the causes of this deluge".

The floods in Kerala killed hundreds of people and displaced over two lakh people. Hindustan Times said that the damage to properties is unprecedented. 

On Friday, the Supreme Court has ordered Tamil Nadu to keep the water level at 139 ft till August 31, till the flood situation and the aftermath is managed in the state.