Prime Minister Narendra Modi's latest message to the people has met with a lot of criticism. His call to the public to switch off lights at 9 pm for nine minutes and light candles have become a fodder to the netizens to troll.

Kasturi Shankar
Kasturi Shankar.PR Handout

Not just commoners, celebrities too have mocked Modi over his message. Notably, actress Kasturi Shankar, who had supported his earlier call to stay inside their homes and appreciate the selfless work put in by healthcare workers by banging plates, has now made fun of his his third address to the nation.

Kasturi Shankar's Tweet
"KATZ PICK kas 204 Clown face 9 'O clock 9 minutes hope no chaos after 9 months !Face savouring foodFace with rolling eyesUpside-down face #9Baje9Minutes #Covid_19india #Kya_Idea_Sirji #CovidComedy, [sic]" Kasturi Shankar tweeted.

If it was not enough, she also posted a picture of Kamal Haasan holding a torch and tweeted, "KATZ PICK kas 203 Clown face KamalHaasan and MNM members be like... வரவேற்க்கிறதா, எதிர்க்கிறதா ? #torchlightDrill #April5th #conundrum #maiam. [sic]"

Vanitha Vijayakumar's Post
On the similar lines, Vanitha Vijayakumar, who had issues with Kasturi during their stay in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house, mocked the exercise in her own way. She called it a masterstoke by Modi and shared a fake forward message circulating online.

narendra modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.narendra modi

The message read, "Corona viruses don't survive in hot temperature, as per research by NASA. If 130candles are lit together, temperature will increase by 9 degress – as per IIT professor. So Corona will die at 9.09pm on Sunday. Masterstoke by Modi. [sic]

In his message, Narendra Modi also stated that even though we are in our homes, we are not alone. Country's 1.3 billion people are together during this lockdown period. He said we have to dispel the darkness spread by the Coronavirus and give hope to the poor who are the most impacted by lockdown.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 cases in India is on a sharp rise. The cases has increased to 2301 and death toll to 56 in the country.