Actress Kasturi Shankar is facing backlash for shutting down sexist Ajith fans with a hashtag #dirtyajithfans. Irked fans are trolling her to seek revenge by trending #DirtyKasthuriAunty on Twitter.

A person, who claimed himself to be Ajith's fan, had abused Kasturi Shankar and made a sexist comment on her on January 12. A week after this, Kasthuri Shankar blasted him, by suggesting him to ask his mother or sister if he wants a woman for sex. He should not be going outside for it.

Besides sharing the screenshots of his abusive tweets, Kasturi Shankar wrote in Tamil on Sunday, "For cows heat would do and for men words would do but what to do for shit-eating worms who prides himself as an Ajith fan and spoiling his name. If you want a woman for sex instead of going outside why don't you ask your mother or sister."

Kasturi Shankar
Kasturi Shankar.Kasturi Shankar Twitter Account

Kasturi Shankar requested Twitter to some people for sexual abuse. The actress tweeted, "(Please copy-paste this message and RT max to report these creeps.) @twitterIndia, reporting these names for shameless sexually abusive posts on twitter. @arunjlAk @ananthpunk @redrevanth @dhanush_uyir @ThalaRa81733887 @Arunbala4398 @Ajiththomas_18."

Thala Ajith is known for his clean image and so are many of his fans, who were embarrassed with her use of #dirtyajithfans, which started trending in India. Some fans of Ajith created #DirtyKasthuriAunty to counter her. This hashtag also picked up the fire and started tending on Twitter within no time.

Kasturi Shankar tweeted the screenshot of #DirtyKasthuriAunty trending on Twitter in India. The actress slammed her trolls, by writing, "So proud of these #dirtyajithfans. Their only job? Sexual abuse and negative tagging on twitter. Instead of curbing the miscreants, you indulge in ganging up and collective bullying. Just proves how hopelessly dirty you are. #தமிழகத்தின்_தலயெழுத்து #தலவலி."

Kasturi Shankar
Kasturi ShankarTwitter

Some fans expressed their disappointment over Kasturi Shankar targeting Ajith and all his fans for one man's abuse. They asked her to target the people who abuse her, but not all. A fan with the handle @VinciJ6 replied, "As a genuine Ajith fan we stand by you condemning those scoundrels...but it seems you want to push us too into a common dirty Ajith fans tag. I hope no ulterior motive behind this to defame thala."

Kasturi Shankar replied to the fan and said she has also a lot of respect for Thala Ajith. The actress tweeted, "No brother. I do understand. I am also like you, a #respectfulajithFan. But definitely you and i are minority. The tweet is one week old, why no ajith fan took action? Those who are silent are guilty too."