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Director Akarsh Khurana's movie Karwaan (Karwan) starring Dulquer Salmaan, Irrfan Khan and Mithila Palkar, has received positive reviews from the audience.

Karwaan synopsis: It is a slice of life comedy-drama film. Bejoy Nambiar has written the story, while Akarsh Khurana and Hussain Dalal have penned the screenplay and dialogues, respectively. It has been produced by Ronnie Screwvala and Priti Rathi Gupta. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and the runtime is about 2 hours.

Karwaan movie story: The story is about Avinash (Dulquer Salmaan), who is an employee in Bangalore. He gets to know that his estranged father is killed in an accident on the way to Gangotri Darshan and his body has been sent to the city. He sets out in his friend Shaukat's (Irrfan Khan) cab to collect the body. They are joined by an unlikely ally in teenager Tanya (Mithila Palkar). The rest of the story is a roller-coaster ride.

Analysis: Karwaan deals with a simple story that is about an unexpected journey where three individuals find redemption, hope, love and eventually themselves. The movie has an engrossing screenplay and some situational humour along with sentimental scenes that keep you entertained throughout the film, according to the audience.

Performances: Irrfan Khan and Dulquer Salmaan have delivered brilliant performances and their comedy timing is the highlight of Karwaan. Mithila Palkar has also done justice to her role. Kriti Kharbanda's cameo is good. Amala Akkineni, Priti Rathi Gupta and others have also been good in their roles, viewers said.

Technical: Karwaan has brilliant production values and a beautiful picturization, selection of exotic locales. The movie is also packed with amazing background score and punch dialogues, that are the highlights on the technical front, the audience added.

Karwaan review live updates: We bring you some audience reaction to the movie that were shared on Twitter.

Rupsha Banerjee‏ @rupsha1093

Saw #Karwaan first day first show and i must say that this is one of the best movies i have seen in a while. So refreshing, just a feel good movie! @dulQuer and @irrfank and @mipalkar were absolutely wonderful! I now have massive roadtrip feels after watching this movie!!

Kondam Akhil Reddy‏ @akhilreddy1697

#Karwaan was mind-blowing. @irrfank comic timing though . @dulQuer and @mipalkar were good. Overall nice movie @MrAkvarious.

Sanaya Irani Zohrabi‏ @SanayaI71880050

@irrfank performance in #Karwaan is so gripping that every time he's in the background you smile to yourself knowing that his very next word/move will be perfectly entertaining/every time he's not in frame you long for his reappearance #perfection #actor #IrrfanKhan @RSVPMovies

குட்டி கிங் мιηιση♡‏ @Minionism_

Watched #Karwaan Thank you @MrAkvarious for this wonderful #karwaan journey. @dulQuer makes Avinash Perfect with his superb screen presence & dialouge deliveries✌.@irrfank steals your heart as always,Shaukat .@mipalkar ,The cute Tanya . Enjoy This Journey In Cinemaz.

Anuj‏ @AllTimeJocular

A delightful movie which soothes your heart, #Karwaan shows us this is something which we should do more often. @irrfank is on the top as usual and @mipalkar oh, I loved her in Web Series, loved her in #Muramba and loved her here as well #KarwaanReview

Anisha‏ @Anisha74985370

#Karwaan Some remarkable comic moments by Irrfaan Khan! He was truly the heart of the film . @dulquer Amazing acting skills portrayed by Dulquer Salmaan as well!Truly impressive and amazing actor who has given a wonderful performance. Would love to see some more of him DQ❤❤

Devashish Khese‏ @KheseDevashish

Just Now watched #Karwaan ,Story Was Little Bit Short But Good Enough. @irrfank Pulls Whole Movie UpTo Good End.. @mipalkar As Usual U Rocked Big Screen Again After #muramba , We would Love to watch You again On Big Screen❤.. @Dulqar_Salman Also Did Good #BigCongratsMithila

Sumeet Vyas @vyas_sumeet

#Karwaan is the most honest film of the year. The music is spectacular and finally a film where the visual are happily married to the soundscape. @MrAkvarious has taken us all on his kinda RoadTrip and touched me inappropriately. @dulQuer is super endearing @irrfank is legendary

Ira Shukla‏ @Irashukla7

Irrfan Khan's comic timing and Dulquer Salmaan's honest effort were the only good things about confusing and ultimately disappointing #Karwaan.

Sreeparna sengupta‏ @sreeparnas

#Karwaan is a fun, breezy watch w/ standout performances by @irrfank & @dulQuer! #DulquerSalmaan's nuance & subtlety blends in perfectly w/ #IrrfanKhan's livewire track & superb comic timing. #KarwaanReview ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Ishani Verma @IshaniVerma_

#Karwaan is a beautiful movie lovely performance by everyone a journey of life You guys deserve all the love for Karwaan All the best go kill it lots of love!! Guys go and watch Karwaan Film out now @MrAkvarious @mipalkar @dulQuer @irrfank @RonnieScrewvala

Kriti Tulsiani‏ @sleepingpsyche2

Just watched #Karwaan and have too many thoughts right now. Beautiful road trip, beautiful songs, thank god for Irrfan Khan and Dulquer Salmaan in general. But. Kaafi random and kaafi underwhelming. ‍♀️

Anshif_anshi‏ @Anshi_dq

Saw the movie last night and met them today .. #Karwaan is so endearing and a perfect slice of life film ... irrfank you are God's gift to mankind !!!

I'mPannu‏ @praneshpannu

Love how #Karwaan shows you to love every moment of your life and your parents love you the most, ineffective of conversations and connections. Great stepping stone for @dulQuer! @irrfank is so flawless as usual. Mithila is bubbly & energetic! Don't miss out on this movie. karwaan@MrAkvarious sir Thank you for gifting us such a feel good movie @dulQuer ikka first Bollywood movie was outstanding.@mipalkar acting damnnn good. @irrfank sir Comedy aspect was superb.everyone characters liked movie superb We were clapping non-stop

Vicky Kadian‏ @Vickykadian_

#KarwaanReview: #Karwaan B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T @irrfank #actors is in terrific form... #DulquerSalmaan is fantastic... Supporting cast adds strength... #MithilaPalkar, #AkashKhurana, #AmalaAkkineni and #IrrfanKhan each actor excels. 3.5 */ 5 #Karwaan is such an adorable movie and it's even more special with all the people associated with it @MrAkvarious @NiDharm @sarangsathaye, the lovable @mipalkar, the super duper @dulQuer & not to forget @irrfank Thanku Sanju Sir for inviting us for the Premiere!!! Just saw #Karwaan What an absolutely beautiful movie! Really moving and heartfelt and amazing performances and storytelling. @irrfank and @hussainthelal combination is mind blowing!! @MrAkvarious hits it out of the park! Thanks @RonnieScrewvala for making #Karwaan

Mayank Bhargava‏ @mb_bhargava

@dulQuer @irrfank thank you for a perfect, delightful and laughter movie after a long time. After seeing a row of movies on ture events, #Karwaan fits beautifully in the middle. Thank you for the burt of energy in the movie. #KarwaanReview #IrfanKhan #DulquerSalmaan

Faisal‏ @Megafaisal

Watched #Karwaan woww... awsome feel gud movie.. @irrfank you made me laugh and @dulQuer u have no other easy way to enter the hearts of bollywood movie lovers ur awsome bro. Midhila ur energetic performance was gud. Rating 3.5/5

Chalse sobaraj‏ @rajeeshnambiar1

Watched #Karwaan which is a well made Hollywood-esque road trip about self discovery and I loved every minute of it. @irrfankhan's effervescent acting and the classically witty one-liners keep you laughing until the very end. @dulQuer is the heart & calm soul of the movie. #Karwaan was the brilliant kickstart for the charming actor to enter Bollywood as he owns every frame while @mipalkar is a bubbling burst of energy who adds feminity to what would have been an all-boys club. ❤ #KarwaanReview (2/2)

Bharathi S Pradhan‏ @editorbharathi

Watch #Karwaan for @irrfank . His unique dialogue delivery which infuses humour into seemingly casual lines livens up the road journey. Also watch it for @dulQuer who has a likeable screen presence.

Sanjay Abraham‏ @captsanjayab

#Karwaan serene, feel good, no nonsense movie. @irrfank A-1, @dulQuer calmness personified. Surprise surprise Amala Akkineni !! 3.5 *. Watch it !!

Rudrani Chattoraj‏ @rudrani_rudz

#Karwaan is clever,emotional&soulful,elevated by some fantastic performances from @irrfank @dulQuer @mipalkar .Sprinkled with witty one-liners,social satirical references&Rumi, @hussainthelal needs to be treasured.@MrAkvarious has done a stellar job! Go watch it now!

Prashant Pandey‏ @Tweet2Prashant

Watched a very beautiful film #Karwaan . It's totally a director's film , @MrAkvarious thank you for this gem . Shaukat , taniya, avinash u all r still with me. @irrfank sir we want more films 4m u, come back soon @dulQuer ur honesty is fab @mipalkar aisi hi rehna /5

Aniruddha Guha @AniGuha

And watch it for @irrfank. My god, what an actor. There's no such thing as a "not great" Irrfan performance, agreed, and yet Shaukat is one of his finest portrayals, full of funny repartee and subtle insights. That unparalleled comic timing is alone worth ticket price. #Karwaan

Karishma Shetty‏ @ParadoxLady23

Watched #Karwaan which is a well made Hollywood-esque road trip about self discovery and I loved every minute of it. @irrfankhan's effervescent acting and the classically witty one-liners keep you laughing until the very end.@dulQuer is the heart & calm soul of the movie. #Karwaan was the brilliant kickstart for the charming actor to enter Bollywood as he owns every frame while @mipalkar is a bubbling burst of energy who adds feminity to what would have been an all-boys club. ❤ #KarwaanReview

Dilshad Edibam‏ @Dilshaded

@dulQuer, amidst all the laughs and hugs and craziness, I never managed to tell you how I've loved your understated performance in #Karwaan. Non-author backed and unglamorous parts like these are tough to pull off, and u've done it by making everyone sit up and notice you! Love

Sunny Kaushal‏ @SunnyK0

#Karwaan is such a beautiful film. @MrAkvarious I don't remember the last time I have enjoyed a film so much. @irrfank is simply brilliant as Shaukat. @mipalkar you are such a brat and @dulQuer is so matured and endearing. The film stays with you much after it's over @RSVPMovies

Vinay Pandit‏ @vnaypandit

#Karwaan is a sweet movie teaches something about life. @dulQuer sir amazing debut @mipalkar amazing as always @irrfank you always bring life in your role.

Shikha Talsania @ShikhaTalsania

#karwaan a film that is all heart! Thank you and congratulations dilbars @MrAkvarious & @hussainthelal and @BhatindaHouse. How wonderful are you @dulQuer ! Thank you for such an endearing performance. @mipalkar, it's so lovely to see you grow and shine Mithoo

Avani Deshpande‏ @asparagusmunch

#Karwaan is full heart. Very rarely is a piece of my heart left behind at the movies. Thankyou @MrAkvarious @avinasharun20 and the entire crew for making this special, delicious work on celluloid. You guys are special. Please watch #Karwaan3rdAug

Kala Ramnathan‏ @kaalakaandi

@MrAkvarious #Karwaan had a great time. Just reached home, after watching a great movie. Lovely roadtrip aur dead bodies se romance. Dulquer you were so good. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anand Tiwari‏ @anandntiwari

#Karwaan is a film that will stay with u long after the fun ride is over. @irrfank has delivered one of his most joyous performances. @dulQuer is so effortlessly brilliant & @mipalkar i m so proud to c u shine in such stellar company.

Rohan‏ @RohanNaahar

There is so much to recommend about #Karwaan - such a poignant, hilarious and tender film, featuring 3 memorable performances by @irrfank, @dulQuer and @mipalkar.

Lekha Menon‏ @LekhaMenon1

Watched #karwaan last night with a packed audience in the UAE. Charming film with nice moments and life lessons. But could have been better. Some of the humour seems forced. @dulw is very natural and understated while @irrfank's fab as always.

Desi Tom Cruise‏ @desitomcruise

Watching #Karwaan first half very entertaining, @dulQuer watching you for first time n already a fan and @irrfank laughing my heart out, very entertaining..