In its stern measures to keep a tight rein on the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Karnataka government has decided to allow only those with valid health documents to enter the state and undergo the institutional quarantine. The new set of rules that come into effect from June 1 clearly states the need for submission of Covid negative test report on their arrival.

karnataka police force
karnataka police enforcing lockdown

Entry only for Covid negatives 

As the fourth phase of the nation-wide lockdown enters its culmination, the state government is discussing on the gradual reopening of all public services and working environments while keeping a constant and steady watch on the public health.

"We have to learn to live with Covid-19 until a vaccine is found," said a government source. "It is better that people take care of their health and get involved in the day-to-day work,'' it added.

A steep rise in the number of positive coronavirus cases in the state has been witnessed by the mass exodus of the stranded people.

As the railways are set to resume its full-fledged services from June, over thousands of people are further expected to reach Karnataka from the neighbouring states. Moreover, the return of stranded Indians from foreign countries in large numbers since the domestic flight services began its services have also piled up the horrific situation.

Revised quarantining norms 

The state has recently revised the quarantining norms for the inter-state travelers; except for those in short-term visits as in business meetings. Although a Covid negative test report is mandatory for all entering the state.

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As per the revised standard operating procedure for quarantining, the state government considers people who are visiting the state for business activities as special cases. "On receiving the negative test result, they will be allowed to finish their engagements and return," stated the SOP.

Moreover, Karnataka has also prevented those from high-risk states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh from entering while those from the rest of the states can go on two weeks of home quarantining instead of the existing institutional quarantining.

Meanwhile, the state government has sealed its borders along Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, while requesting these States not to send people to the state for a while.