The bibulous Karnataka men must be in awe of the BS Yediyurappa government for letting open the liquor shops and outlets across the state from Monday, May 4.

After the two phases of the nation-wide lockdown, the Karnataka state government has let upon its liquor stalls. In no time, most of the shops reported sales on full swing with the long-ending queues that blew the measures of social distancing on the wind.

People line-up as liquor shops open in Bengaluru from today

Thousands of people across the state, even in Bengaluru, were seen waiting in queues in front of the shops from early hours on Monday morning.

Karnataka Excise Minister H Nagesh has confirmed that the standalone liquor stores will be open in Bengaluru from May 4 except in containment zones. Liquor stores will open even in red zones in some parts of the country.

Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra governments have also agreed to the decision of opening the liquor counters despite the extension of the lockdown. Although Maharashtra continues to remain the worst hit of the coronavirus pandemic, the state has allowed the opening of liquor stalls even in its red zones.

long queues in front of liquor shops
long queues in front of liquor shops. ANI

People leave footwears to maintain queue

Long queues of people waiting eagerly for the alcohol bottles were spotted widely across Bengaluru. As much relaxations were provided across the green zones in the city, no cops, including the traffic regulators were seen anywhere to maintain the crowd who appeared in front of the liquor stalls even without wearing a mask.

Interestingly, as some of the shops failed to begin its services even after 9 am, people left their footwear in the queue when they had to step out.

People burst crackers

A man was reportedly seen performing rituals outside a liquor shop in Kolar by breaking the coconut and performing aarti to commence its reopening. In Gokak, people celebrated the opening of the liquor shops by bursting crackers on road.

In Chikamagalur, meanwhile, a man was spotted lying on the busy road, after being heavily intoxicated by drinking. Long queues and large crowds kept thronging in many parts of Delhi too as the lockdown measures go diluted. More number of vehicles were also spotted in several parts after the government's order on relaxations.

The state authorities have allowed the sale of liquor from 9 am to 7 pm. Meanwhile, no sale of alcohol will be permitted at hotels and restaurants, said the order.

In some parts of the state meanwhile, as in Mysuru city, the people maintained social distance and were also seen wearing masks.

long queues in front of liquor shops
long queues in front of liquor shops. ANI

The third phase of the countrywide lockdown begins on Monday with considerable relaxations. Strict measures and regulations will continue in the containment areas to curb the spread of the deadly contagious virus to other places.