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Pakistani-Canadian journalist Tarek Fatah opened up on his criticism against Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan naming her son Taimur and defended calling her an illiterate and arrogant.

Tarek Fatah had condemned Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan for naming their son Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, who was born on December 20. Kareena fan club had tweeted, "Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have been blessed with a baby boy, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. Congratulations to them! ❤ ."

After seeing the post, Tarek Fatah had retweeted it and called Kareena Kapoor illiterate and arrogant. He had written, "Between Tagor & Timur Lies an Ocean separating Intellect 4m Intolerance Brotherhood 4m Barbarism Kareena 4m Common Sense and Saif 4m Sanity. U r either illiterate or arrogant @KareenaOnline. By naming yr son #Taimur u hv ensured he'll be equated to a mass murderer of Indians 4ever."

On TV show Aap Ki Adalat..

Tarek Fatah recently appeared on Rajat Sharma's TV show Aap Ki Adalat. When the host asked him why he called Kareena Kapoor Jahil (illiterate), the Pakistani-Canadian journalist said, "Isn't she? She named her son Taimur. He is the only such personality, who reduced the population of the world by 3 percent. He attacked Hindustan and created a pyramid with the skulls of Hindus."

Taimur, Taimur Ali Khan
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Tarek Fatah added, "I am not a Hindu. Yet I am disgusted. You are naming your son after a person, who invaded your country. I don't know what Sharmila Tagore will be telling her. What kind of son you delivered who you named him Taimur? (asking Rajat) Do you name your son Hitler in Israel? Name him so and see. This is you people, who are tolerating these things."

Rajat Sharma mentioned about Spain's Berber Umayyad commander Tariq Bin Ziyad and asked whether he would change his name. Tarek Fatah replied, "Why? Tarek is derived from a Sanskrit word - Tarak. Star, sitara, tara and tarek - all these are Sanskrit versions of Tarak, which means early morning star."