The Karan Mehra – Nisha Rawal domestic violence case has left the industry shaken. With both the parties resorting to mudslinging and washing their dirty linen in public, the buzz around the controversy has refused to die down. The duo's rocking marriage had been making headlines for a while. But, Nisha's head injury and the subsequent media interactions by both has left the industry divided. While many are vouching for Karan's innocence, there are many who are standing rock solid behind Nisha. And there are also the people who feel, the two should sort it out amicably.

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal's domestic violence case

Angad Hasija has said that he is upset seeing Karan and Nisha like this. "I am very shocked seeing Nisha and Karan's story. I know them very well and they are beautiful. Itne sweet couple hai and I know them personally for many years. For me to digest this is difficult. I do not think Karan can do this or Nisha can also lie. I and my family are confused. Nisha faltu me nahi bol sakti. She is very honest and practical," he told a leading website.

Angad Hasija
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"A far cry for help from a friend. Aghast to see my bestie in such a state . What makes a man become a demon in no time ?? My entire being is with my friend in this dark patch of her life .. she must rise up and give it a brave fight. Her pain , agony and harassment is beyond me to describe," Nisha's friend and brother, Rohit Verma wrote on social media.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss contestant, Manveer Gurjar came out in support of Karan. He reacted to a social media post talking about Karan's caring nature and wrote, "Correct! Totally Agreed.. I met him in BiggBoss10.. And MARK MY WORDS.. He was sooooooooo caring nd humble. Hard time bro #KaranMehra StayStrong. Be patience"

Karan Mehra arrested for assaulting wife Nisha Mehra
Karan Mehra arrested for assaulting wife Nisha Mehra

Munisha Khatwani, who is a close friend of Nisha, said that she has seen her friend suffering for a long time. "Time to break the silence ... time to wake up ..never judge a book by the cover as the saying goes and here is the proof .. as a tarot card reader and astrolger I had been told to keep mum .. as one of her closest friends .. I cannot be quiet anymore :( @missnisharawal we stand by you .. I have known for years but had to maintain silence.. not anymore," she wrote.

Gaurav Chopra
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Gaurav Chopra has maintained that both Nisha and Karan are his close friends and he would never take sides. "Karan is a brother to me, we refer to each other as Bhai and Nisha is equally a close friend. They are family to me and it will not be right to just take sides for whatever reason. "There is a little child involved in this. When he grows up and reads all of this, I don't want it to affect him. At least for the sake of the baby, for whom I really have a lot of affection, I would really want this to be dealt with grace and the differences can be sorted so that he doesn't get affected, he told Pinkvilla.