The news of Karan Mehra arrested for assaulting wife Nisha Rawal was a rude shock to the industry. While many vouched for Karan's innocence, many have come out to support Nisha. The news of trouble in their paradise had been floating for a while now, but that things would turn out to be so ugly, none had guessed. Pictures of Nisha's smashed head went viral and soon, social media was divided into two battle zones.

Karan Mehra arrested for assaulting wife Nisha Mehra
Karan Mehra arrested for assaulting wife Nisha Mehra

Now, Karan Mehra has spoken up on the matter. The actor, who is renowned for playing the role of Naitik in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, has alleged that Nisha herself smashed her head against the wall. He also alleged that she has always been violent and was even suffering from bipolar disorder. Karan has also alleged that Nisha is asking for huge alimony which he can't afford and that's what's making their separation ugly.

Karan Mehra told Bombay Times that it was in April this year that she told him, she wanted to separate. The actor added that it had become difficult to stay with her but he wanted to be together for the sake of their son Kavish. Mehra also added that Nisha used to misbehave with his parents as well. He also added that he told Nisha clearly how much he could afford to give her as alimony but she was not agreeing to it. Rohit Sethia was also present in the house when the incident happened.

Karan Mehra
Karan MehraBigg Boss/ Twitter

The head injury

Karan has said that he was talking to his mother on the phone when Rohit had gone away. That is when Nisha allegedly started abusing him and even hit him. The actor alleged that Nisha spat on him and then banged her head against the wall. And it was then that she accused him of smashing her head against the wall. Karan further alleged that Rohit came inside hearing Nisha's cries and hit Karan.

Karan was suicidal

Karan added that things were bad between the two for several years. He accused Nisha of being violent and breaking things in anger. He added that her behaviour had led him to be suicidal. Mehra has also denied any extramarital affairs and called them baseless.