The Karan Mehra – Nisha Rawal domestic violence case seems to be getting murkier with each passing hour. Ever since Karan's arrest and subsequent bail, both parties have leveled some serious accusations at each other. Amid all this, a blood-soaked picture of Nisha has gone viral on social media. While Nisha has accused Karan of smashing her against the wall, the actor has alleged Nisha of doing it on her own and framing her for it.

Karan and Nisha
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Several friends of Nisha Rawal have come forward to support the actress. Let's take a look at everything Nisha has said so far. Soon after the incident happened, Nisha called for a press conference, where she bared her heart out. Responding to Karan disclosing about her bipolar disorder, Nisha said that she suffered from it in 2014 after she had a miscarriage. She added that this happened because Karan was away and detached from her.

Talking about Karan accusing her of banging her head herself against the wall to frame him, Nisha has said that Karan is lying. She added that being an actor her face is the most important part of her livelihood and that is why she would never do something like this to herself. Talking about the assault, Nisha said that she doesn't want a father like Karan Mehra for their son Kavish. She also alleged that Karan of having an extramarital affair and said she was ready to separate amicably.

Karan Mehra, Nisha Rawal, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
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Nisha added that the night of the assault was the first time she lashed out at Karan. She said that when she slammed him for everything he had been doing, he lost his plot. She added that Karan held her by the neck and smashed her head against the wall and didn't leave her even when blood was dripping from her head. Nisha has also alleged Karan of transferring money from her account to his.