Archana Puran Singh, Navjot Singh Sidhu
Archana Puran Singh, Navjot Singh SidhuTwitter

The Kapil Sharma Show has been loved by the viewers but last week it witnessed an unexpected dip in its TRP rating and slipped down to number 6 position after completing 10 weeks of airing. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that Navjot Singh Sidhu's absence is somewhere hampering the show's viewership.

In the aftermath of Pulwama attack, Sidhu was temporarily sacked as the co-host of The Kapil Sharma Show and was replaced by Archana Puran Singh. But she merely turned out to be just another filler on the show who seems to be loving the idea of being a part of the audience.

There's no denying that Sidhu was one of the most essential part of Kapil Sharma's show and their chemistry and spontaneous banter was a good source of entertainment for the viewers. Whenever a guest used to make an entrance, it was followed by Sidhu's whistle worthy shayari that used to floor the guest including the audience seated in the studio and viewers who watched it on television.

One may argue that Sidhu had no great job either as the co-host but the anecdotes he used to share every now and then between the acts were just unmissable. He even never missed an opportunity to appreciate the hard work of Kapil Sharma and his team during their live performances and would walk up to them to acknowledge it with a warm hug.

Not just the show's team, but Sidhu's long association and admiration for his guests was also one of the major highlights on the show, something that we now miss watching Archana settling down over Sidhu's seat.

And it wouldn't be wrong to say that Archana is miserably failing as the co-host of The Kapil Sharma Show since she has nothing new to offer to the viewers apart from her uncontrollable laughter on the show. Sidhu often used to interact with audience as well which Archana is nowhere to be seen taking an active part in it apart from being a yes-woman. Kapil and the team may have been cracking a few jokes on her but the chemistry that they used to share with Sidhu is definitely not the same with Archana as well.

From Sidhu's shero-shayari to his genuine laughter to his bonding with Kapil Sharma to his anecdotes, Archana has not been able to match up to the precedent set by Sidhu as the co-host on The Kapil Sharma Show. 

Earlier, it was reported that the agreement between Sidhu and Sony TV has not ended yet and the channel along with the show's producer Salman Khan are waiting for matters to calm down so that they can bring him back on the show. The channel has reportedly asked Kapil Sharma and his team refrain from commenting on the controversy.

It was also being said that Archana Puran Singh has signed The Kapil Sharma Show for only 20 episodes considering her long association with the channel. It remains to be seen if the show's producer Salman Khan and the channel will bring back Sidhu and reinstill The Kapil Sharma Show's magic.