There is no denying the fact that we Indians, live in a hypocritical society. While we don't go into a tizzy over men smoking freely in public, when the same is done by women, many of us raise eyebrows. While smoking has ill effects on both men and women, somehow, men are never judged when they smoke while a woman smoking creates headlines, especially in the case of a female celeb.

Sumona Chakravarty leaked smoking photos

The same had happened when few pictures of Sumona Chakravarti smoking backstage on the Kapil Sharma Show had been leaked. The pictures soon went viral and created a furor on social media. Especially because of the kind of sweet and coy role Sumona used to play on the show as Kapil's wife.

Sumona was decked up in Marathi avatar for her act and discussing the script with Kapil Sharma when the pictures were taken and later leaked on social media. While Sumona chose not to talk on the issue back then, she recently opened up about quitting smoking in real-life.

Sumona quits smoking

Sumona Chakravarti, has revealed that she used to smoke a lot, but quit smoking two years ago. Sumona took to Instagram to share the story of why and how she quit smoking.

Sumona revealed that a friend made her quit smoking and she has never touched a cigarette since. She also added that she can't stay in the same room where people smoke anymore. "2 Years Ago! the week following a dear friend's bday... I QUIT. Simply went cold turkey. No nicotine patch, no vape. Nothing. I haven't touched since then. Was it difficult, hell yeah? But now my body rejects smoke. Can't stand in a room where ppl are smoking anymore," wrote Sumona.

"It is so hard to leave-Until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world - John Green. Why am I sharing this? Because being an actor is a part of my life. People follow us. Like us. Love us. Criticise us. Admire us. Hopefully, with this I can inspire a few. The most important reminder being we are all flawed human beings which are quite nonexistent on social media. So here's a small dose of reality," she added.