Remember how Krushna Abhishek was asked not to perform when Govinda and his wife Sunita came on The Kapil Sharma Show due to their family feud? It looks like Kiku Sharda too has apparently faced the same fate when singer Neha Kakkar along with her sister Sonu Kakkar and brother Tony Kakkar were invited on the comedy show.

Kapil Sharma, Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar, Kiku Sharda
Kapil Sharma, Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar, Kiku ShardaInstagram

The Issue

Not long ago, Neha Kakkar and her brother Tony Kakkar had slammed Kiku Sharda and Gaurav Gera for making fun of her height and singing talent on their show called Dr. Pran Lele. Taking offence of their act, Neha has said on Instagram that she was genuinely hurt by the comments like 'Neha Kankar' and 'Chotu' were passed on her. Her brother Tony Kakkar too had given a befitting reply to the makers asking them if they know what a person goes through when they make fun of their body size or shape.

Neha Kakkar, Kiku Sharda, Gaurav Gera
Neha Kakkar, Kiku Sharda, Gaurav GeraInstagram

Kiku Sharda missing

So when Neha Kakkar appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show's Saturday episode, Kiku Sharda, who plays the roles of Bachha and Achha Yadav, didn't perform in front of the singer. Though the comedian had a small gig during the introductory segment of the show, he was not seen during the entire episode thereafter.

Krushna Abhishek's jibes at Neha Kakkar

Kapil Sharma Show
Neha Kakkar on Kapil Sharma ShowInstagram

Throughout the episode, Neha looked very much excited and didn't mind when Kapil along with Krushna Abhishek poking fun about her height and crying on every episode of Indian Idol 11. The singer enjoyed every bit of her time on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Trouble for Bharti Singh

Meanwhile, a petition demanding Bharti Singh being fired from The Kapil Sharma Show has gone viral. The complaint was filed by Sonu Jafar, the President of the Christian Front of Ajnala Block, alleging that "the religious sentiments of Christians have been hurt". He also submitted video footage of the show aired on the eve of Christmas. The complaint alleged that the three celebrities made fun of word "Hallelujah" in the show 'Back Benchers'.

Bharti Singh, The Kapil Sharma Show
Bharti Singh on The Kapil Sharma ShowSony TV