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Ever since Kapil Sharma has made his big bang comeback, things have just been going downhill for the ace comedian. While in the first week, the TRPs of the show reached new heights, as time progressed, the TRPs too have taken a dip.

Firstly, Kapil Sharma was called out for making female guests on the show uncomfortable with his excessive flirting. Him calling Sunny Leone 'Italian pasta' and Yami Gautam 'Yummy', didn't go down well with the audience either.

Soon after that, there were reports of Kapil Sharma drifting away from the given script and coming up with his own one-liners. While his one-liners have always managed to amuse us, this time around, they seem to have gone a little haywire. There were reports of Kapil Sharma having offended an audience member by flirting with her in presence of her entire family on the show.

We had also heard that the makers had gone ahead to complain to Salman Khan, who is co-producing the show, about the whole fiasco and Kapil was asked to stick to the plot.

Now, in another episode, Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek making fun of Mukesh Harane, who passed away in 2009 of oral cancer and is the face of the anti-tobacco campaign, has landed the show in trouble. People have been tweeting in huge numbers against Krushna and Kapil to stop bringing his reference and making fun of the deceased in their show.

Twitter claims that not only is it distasteful but could also be very hurtful to the members of the deceased's family. It remains to be seen in the coming episodes if the script writing is taking note of the entire situation or will this charade keep on continuing.