Kapil Sharma

The nation loves Kapil Sharma. There's no denying the fact. And we were all elated when after a bout of failure, Kapil bounced back with the latest season of The Kapil Sharma Show. With Salman Khan on board now as the producer, we are quite certain that this season would break all the previous TRP records and create new milestones.

However, there are a few things that we request the scriptwriter and Kapil Sharma to abstain from doing.

Objectification of women: You might find it funny, but for us, it's neither witty nor humorous. Calling Sunny Leone 'Italian pasta', Yami 'Yummy Gautam', and other female celebrities by objectifying them is just not cool. While on one hand, we have the ongoing #MeToo movement gaining momentum and shaking up men to not take women for granted, Kapil's cheap sexism and objectification of women in the name of humour is a giant step backwards.

Pleading actresses to marry him: There's a fine line between being funny/witty or being offensive. More often than not, Kapil Sharma tends to cross the line. In the latest episode, we could see Amrita Rao getting uncomfortable with his constant requests to hug and marry him.

Repetitive jokes: By now, the whole country knows about your crush on Deepika Padukone. We all know how heartbroken you were when she tied the knot with Ranveer Singh. And, we also know that for you, your marriage was just a PR stunt, a gimmick. These jokes are done and dusted with. We beg you to come up with something new.

Not giving equal respect to male and female guests: For those of you who have been following the show, you would know what are we talking about. While Kapil keeps praising the actors who come on his show for their acting prowess and hold over their craft, for the actresses, all he can come up is compliments on the way they look and dress. A little appreciation of their work wouldn't really hurt, right, Kapil?

Flirting with female audience: We had recently heard about a female audience not being too happy with the way you flirted with her. On Guru Randhawa's episode, asking him to decipher which girl is from which city by the way they walk, was also quite distasteful. Something, which not only would have made them uncomfortable but also something which we didn't enjoy watching at all.