Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has spoken about Bloomsbury India declining to publish the book Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story called it the death of free speech by messiahs of free speech.

Bloomsbury India withdrew from publishing a book on the Delhi violence following criticism on social media about the guests invited for the launch. Three authors reportedly announced to withdraw their books, which were to be published by the company. JNU professor Anand Ranganathan is one of those authors.

Kangana Ranaut

Anand Ranganathan tweeted on Aug 22, "I am appalled to see @BloomsburyIndia, publisher of two of my books, buckle under threats by fascists and withdraw the book Delhi Riots - 2020. I stand in complete solidarity with the authors. This is an assault on Freedom of Expression and on those who cherish this freedom."

The JNU professor added, "A book is an idea, one you may staunchly agree or disagree with. And an idea cannot be destroyed. It cannot fall victim to threats and blackmail by fascists. Books last because ideas do. This decision by Bloomsbury should be condemned by ALL writers and readers."

Kangana Ranaut tweeted Anand Ranganathan's post and wrote, "Remember they will kill you burn you in the name of secularism, they will also snatch your voice for the cause of free speech, remember truth will be forbidden again, open your eyes now #DelhiRiots2020 #DelhiRiotsUntoldStory #DelhiRiots."

Bloomsbury India tweeted the link to another book on the Shaheen Bagh protest on August 21 and wrote, "The authors take us on this glorious journey of the making of #ShaheenBagh & how it became a metaphor for resistance, spawning a hundred Shaheen Baghs across the country to restore the sanctity of the Constitution, the national flag & the national anthem."

Kangana Ranaut
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A netizen named Abhinav Prakash (@Abhina_Prakash) shamed Bloomsbury India, as he wrote, "Shame for publishing this book glorifying country-wide rioting, killing of Hindus and attacks on Hindu properties, call for foreign interventions in India and mocking the plight of the minorities in Pakistan."

Reacting to him, Kangana Ranaut wrote, "We have Bhartiya Janta Party as the ruling government, a party build by commoners, still these elitist and Islamists suppress us like insects, frustrating to be a young Indian in these times yet I wonder how much people beofre me must have suffered #DelhiRiotsUntoldStory."

Another named Advaita Kala (@AdvaitaKala) tweeted, "So a book claims Tahir Hussain's innocence gets published. But one that offers a counter is de platformed publishers withdrawn Explain how one is ok &! other isn't? Which one saw protests & the other was published & promoted? So who are the fascists? (I've read neither book)."

Responding to him, Kangana Ranaut said it is the death of free speech by messiahs of free speech. The actress tweeted, "SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! Tahir Hussain has been declared a criminal by Delhi court, yet one can't publish true account of Delhi Riots, but another book where he is portrayed a hero makes it DEATH OF FREE SPEECH BY MESSIAHS OF FREE SPEECH."