Kanchana 3
Kanchana 3

The much-awaited movie Kanchana 3 (Muni 4) featuring Raghava Lawrence, Oviya and Vedhika in the leading roles, has received mixed review and ratings from the Telugu critics and audience.

Kanchana 3 is an action horror comedy film and it is the fourth installment in the Muni series and third installment in Kanchana series. Raghava Lawrence has written the script and dialogues and jointly produced it with Kalanidhi Maran under the banners Raghavendra Productions and Sun Pictures. The movie has got a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.44 hours.

Kanchana 3 movie story: It revolves around the story of Kaali (Lawrence) and his girlfriend Lucy. Both are killed mercilessly after Kaali refuses to join hands with a corrupt politician Shankar. How he takes revenge against Shankar by getting into the body of Raghava (Lawrence) forms the rest of the story.

Analysis: Kanchana 3 deals with a routine subject. The first half is engaging, but the things go haywire in the second half. Raghava Lawrence has delivered a brilliant acting, which is the highlight of the film. Other actors have also done good jobs. The movie has good production values and music, action, picturisation and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, say the Telugu critics and audience.

Ch Sudheer‏ @sudheer_4Nag

#Kanchana3 telugu..second half ok okies watchable..as usual few scary scenes are perfect and entertaining too....good entertainer for kanchana series fans..between friend #Jersey choosadu anta..#MalliRaava oka range emotional drama ithe..edhi next level vundi anta..Nani anta

123telugu Rating : 3/5

Kanchana 3 is a typical horror comedy which has a few good horror elements in the first half. However, the second half goes down with a lengthy flashback episode and hurried climax. The film will find a mixed response from the A centers but as it is clearly aimed at the masses, they will like the film and will enjoy it as a package.

Mirchi 9 Rating: 2 

Even on the routine terrain, there needs to be something fresh. It should be the gags or the core story or the presentations. It is on this count that Raghava Lawrence fails. This would be the fourth film in the same format if one were to start with Muni. The repetitiveness and formula can be seen from miles away. Once the silly comedy is over, and we get to the core story in the second half everything falls apart.

Hans India Rating: 2.5 

It is evident that Raghava Lawrence has took the elements that became hit in the previous versions and repeated them in this movie as well. Some of the scenes are funny and hilarious. The interval scene is quite impressive. The second half is filled with emotions. The flashback is narrated well. As usual, the climax is good. The mass scenes will attract the attention of the action lovers. Overall, the movie is a one time watch.