Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 3 Review
Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 3 review.PR Handout

Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 3 has garnered fairly positive reviews from the netizens. The movie is packed with horror, comedy, glamour and action, which has impressed the mass as well as family audience. 

Kanchana 3 is the fourth instalment in the Muni franchise. Raghava Lawrence has not just acted in the films but has also written and directed the films to ensure that the horror-comedies strike the chord with the viewers.

In the latest movie, Oviyaa of Bigg Boss Tamil 1 fame, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli are playing the female leads. Sathyaraj, Kabir Duhan Singh, Kovai Sarala, Kishore, Manobala, Nedumudi Venu and host of other actors are part of the cast.

Kanchana 3, which is seeing the light of the day in Tamil and Telugu on April 19, has aspiring singers composing the music. Vetri and Sushil Choudhary have handled the cinematography, while Ruben has edited the flick.

Kanchana 3 Story:

The story of the movie is set in a mansion. Lawrence appears as Raghava and Kaali in the film. The former, like in the previous installments, is scared of ghosts, while the latter runs an orphanage. This film too is about the spirit using his body to seek revenge againt the people behind its death. The only change being the hero being lured by three girls. 

Kanchana 3 Movie Analysis:

Kanchana 3 is a tried-and-tested masala-package. Raghava Lawrence appears as energetic as ever and the presence  of three actresses have raised glam quotient in the movie compared to previous films in the Muni franchise. The film has a few spine-shilling moments, mass and comedy sequences. In some places, exaggerated acting, silly comedies and songs affect the overall mood of the cine-goers. Overall, it is a one-time watch flick.

Kanchana 3 Hype:

The three movies in the Muni franchise have not just become successful in Tamil, but also in Telugu. Interestingly, it is being dubbed in Kannada. There is huge expectation from the movie. Will it live up to the hype? Check out in the viewers' words below:

KollyEmpire : #Kanchana3 | Interval | Felt like seeing the earlier franchise movies again. Nothing new or exciting except for couple of well shot horror sequences. Over the top in most places, highly loud & too much glamour so far. Songs & comedies irritating. But family audience enjoying it.

Satheeshkumar: #Kanchana3 Package loaded with Ultimate comedy & Pakka Horror. @offl_Lawrence superb. @Vedhika4u @OviyaaSweetz done nice job. Wonderful promotion @sunpictures.

Christopher Kanagaraj: #Kanchana3 - Watchable old age horror masala package. Lawrence s energetic. Dance super. 3 heroines, so no compromise on Glamour side. Thr r few scares, mass & comedy. Exaggerated scenes, overacting, mokka comedies & songs r on neg side. Might entertain d Kanchana franchise fans!

Kaushik LM: #Kanchana3 2nd half - @offl_Lawrence gets to be #Kaali - a messiah kinda character which mirrors his real life image as a savior of the poor & needy. Lots of mass action scenes & kids sentiment.
Obviously there's a revenge angle in the story, with the pei completing the revenge!
#Kanchana3 1st half: @offl_Lawrence loyally sticks to his trademark Hit #Kanchana formula - horror, comedy in the family, glamour, songs.. this loud routine repeats itself. The film starts on a very 'massy' action note.
There shd be a back-story coming in the 2nd half.. Paarpom!

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Kanchana3 - Will do the commercial magic as the business expects. Has plenty to offer for Commercial audience. Saw early morning show outside chennai and saw families in theater , franchise value speaks !! .
#Kanchana3 interval - Pei scenes , summaa Miratti vittu irukaapdi Lawrence!! Exceptional cinematography by @vetrivisuals annan for the ghost scenes. Peya paarthaa unmayaa kola nadunguthu. BGM - Rattham therikka therikka type.

Ramesh Bala: #Kanchana3 1st Half: Mass.. Action.. Horror.. Comedy.. Glamour.. Dance.. Songs.. Kovai Sarala..
What do u expect from the franchise is available in plenty..
The predominantly family and kids audience r loving it..
Dir @offl_Lawrence has mastered the pulse of the audience..

Rajasekar: #Kanchana3/#Muni4 first half - @offl_Lawrence retains the flavors which worked for him in the first three super hit horror comedies.The interval episode is quite impressive. #KovaiSarala - @ActorSriman and #Devadarshini combo works once again.

seyad mohamed buhari: #Kanchana3 First half mass
Second half marna mass @offl_Lawrence pinni pedal eduthutinga Another blockbuster for @sunpictures

Ramkumar Varatharajan: More Ramkumar Varatharajan Retweeted Ramkumar Varatharajan
First half over.....#kanchana3 vera level..... Waiting for marana 2nd half....

S Abishek: The franchise elements with which the masses are well-versed have been exploited enough. Now time for the flashback to take over.
Kids and family are enjoying the majority of the portions when I am left in surprise.

NGR : #Kanchana3
Watched from Bangalore
Sure shot blockbuster
Horror + comedy waaww

Singa Dev : #Kanchana3 interval - Pei scenes , summaa Miratti vittu irukaapdi Lawrence!! Exceptional cinematography by @vetrivisuals annan for the ghost scenes. Peya paarthaa unmayaa kola nadunguthu. BGM - Rattham therikka therikka type. @sunpictures @offl_Lawrence

Arvind Sundaram: #RaghavaLawrence asks his grandfather, "Figure-nga enga?" (His mama ponnunga) - C,mon! WTF!!! Next scene #Oviya asks - "Naan glamour ha dresss panitu vandhrukken". #Vedhika says, "naan over glamour ah vandhu irukken" ..

DreamBoys Yuvasena: #Kanchana3 From Today
Best Horror Series
All the best #RaghavaLawrence
A Man With Golden Heart

Review Ram: #Kanchana3 - Interval - Comedy, glamour, horror ellame iruku. But ellame irritating ah iruku.
Everything is over-the-top and exaggerated. The song placements are ridiculous, heroine characters are cheaply written. Both horror and comedy fails to work.
'Super Boring' so far.
First half full ah padathula literally yarachu yaru IDUPULA eri eri okkandhukaranga. Either bayathula panranga or purposeful ah glamour ku panranga.
Here we go #Kanchana3 (Tamil) @ SK Marlen Cinemas, Chennai. FDFS!

Trendwood: #Kanchana3 1st Half Gud. Humor Works Well... Pei Scenes

Nani28: #Kanchana3 best Lawrence work..interval bang kadupu peli poyindi .so farrr..kovaisarala madam rampge..sure shot biggest block buster..#Jersey #Maharshi