Jwala Gutta Vishnu Vishal
The photos posted by Vishnu Vishal on his timelineTwitter/Vishnu Vishal

Of all the former and current badminton players of India, nobody is as outspoken or as forthright as Jwala Gutta. The former India doubles player is never shy of expressing her opinion, be it on matters related to badminton or on things beyond it. She once again chose to voice her blunt opinion on Twitter, but this time, on something that concerns her personally.

On June 3, Vishnu Vishal, a Tamil movie actor, posted a couple of photographs of himself and Jwala Gutta which suggested that the two are in a relationship. The actor got divorced from his wife late last year. The fact that he has pinned his photos with Gutta on his Twitter timeline added to the speculation.

But as is to be expected on an anarchic platform like social media sites, this led to a lot of commentary about both individuals. Many of the comments targeted the retired badminton player and questioned her personal conduct and past. Since June 3, both persons posted several philosophical comments which seemed like a response to the trolls.

Gutta's response

But on June 9, the former Commonwealth Games gold medallist decided to take on the critics directly and launched a tirade against them in a series of tweets. "It's funny, when I say something or have an opinion, almost everyone here goes WHAT HAVE U ACHIEVED. What have u done for the country? And two days back Vishnu Vishal puts a pic with me (and) everyone seems to know everything about me, including my past and what kind of a person I am!" Gutta wrote in her tweet.

Gutta Jwala tweet
One of the tweets by Gutta JwalaTwitter/Gutta Jwala

She followed it up with another post which read: "That shows the mentality of our society. They don't wanna judge you by your work but wanna judge you by the personal life about which they have zero clue. The worst part is women talking shit about another fellow woman. Get well soon guys. You have a long road to healthy mind!"

There was one more tweet which contained a poster with these words written on it: "Please go use Google for a better use. Go look for the fact that I have represented India from 1999 to 2017. Go Google some useful stuff which might help you in your lives, instead of searching who I have been with in the past (which was utter bull%*$#). My personal life is of no use to nobody. So instead of judging me and my life for which I have worked really hard (when you guys were in cosy bed or maybe half of you weren't even born). Go do something useful!!"

The last message was also posted on her Instagram page. Interestingly, the two persons – Gutta and Vishal – are yet to confirm their relationship. The latter merely said, in an interview with Times of India, that he has known the Olympian for a long time and shares a mutual liking with her. But he didn't specify the level of their relationship. He further stated that their professional commitments are also pushing their relationship to the back seat. Let's see what the future brings for these two.