Megastar Chiranjeevi accepted that Junior NTR's challenge of #BetheREALMAN. The senior actor not only cleaned the carpet area of his living room but also prepared onion dosa for his mother.

SS Rajamouli nominated Junior NTR, who accepted his challenge and completed the task. He wrote, "Here it is Jakkana @ssrajamouli. మన ఇంట్లో ప్రేమలు ఆప్యాయతలే కాదు. పనులను కూడా పంచుకుందాం. It is fun when you share the work load. #BetheREALMANI now nominate Bala Babai, @KChiruTweets Garu, @iamnagarjuna Babai, @VenkyMama Garu and @sivakoratala Garu for this challenge."

Chiranjeevi performing the task of #BetheREALMAN challenge
Chiranjeevi performing the task of #BetheREALMAN challengeTwitter

Chiranjeevi Konidela accepted Junior NTR's challenge and performed the task today. Later, he took to his Twitter account to share his video and challenge others. The megastar wrote, "Here it is Bheem @tarak9999 నేను రోజు చేసే పనులే...ఇవ్వాళ మీకోసం ఈ వీడియో సాక్ష్యం. And I now nominate @KTRTRS & my friend @rajinikanth #BeTheRealMan challenge."

As the video begins, Chiranjeevi is cleaning the carpet area in his living room with a vacuum cleaner. Later, he heads to the kitchen, prepares onion dosa and serves it to his mother Anjanamma. Before eating it herself, she is seen feeding him a bite of dosa, while he tries to cool the hot dosa. The bonding between mother and son is sure to touch u, as the song Maguva Maguva runs in the background.

Chiranjeevi performing the task of #BetheREALMAN challenge
Chiranjeevi feeding onion dosa to his mother AnjanammaTwitter

The #BetheREALMAN challenge, which was started by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, has been growing bigger and faster with each passing day. Several popular celebs have taken part in it and released the video of them sharing the workload of their wives/mothers. With Chiranjeevi joining their league, its popularity and craze are now reaching every nook and corner of the Telugu states.

The intention of the #BetheREALMAN challenge is to reduce the workload of women at least during the lockdown period. One has to perform the household chores, shoot video of it and share it on social media. Besides, he/she has to nominate some of his friends and relatives to take this chain forward. This is not just a timepass work during the lockdown, but it also meant to respect women.