In an interview, megastar Chiranjeevi had opened up about his romantic life and admitted having his first crush with his biology teacher, but had denied writing a love letter to any girl in his lifetime.

Chiranjeevi is one of the most dignified actors of the Telugu film industry. He has been very honest with his wife Sureka and always maintained a distance from his co-actresses. This is why he has rarely had rumours about a love affair or linkup with any of his co-stars in his career. In an interview given to ABN a couple of years ago, the actor revealed the secret of his successful marriage life.

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About his first crush...

When asked about his first crush, Chiru had said, "I was very much interested in biology during college. A teacher called Shivashankar used to tell that Chiranjeevi is the best in my intermediate days. We were supposed to give a cross cut to a leaf and study it, by watching it through microscope. I used to give it a fine cut and display it. Others used to observe me with a lot of interest."

Chiranjeevi had added, "The reason for me developing so much interest in it was the madam, who used to teach the subject. The way she used to cut the leaf and show us made me develop the interest in it. I don't know whether it is right or wrong, but I developed a close feeling for her."

The influence of her teaching on him was so much that Chiranjeevi is interested to read articles related to biology even today. He had said, "Whenever I see an article regarding biology, I start reading it even today. It is due to the chemistry I had with her. It shows how she used to teach. But I never tried to meet her or see her face. I don't even remember her name now."

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When asked about writing a love letter, Chiranjeevi said, "Never because I joined YNM College in Narasapur to study B.Com after completing intermediate. When I went there, the boys and girls were already friendly and they used to treat me like a foreigner. The first year got over by the time I became friends with them. I became very active in extra-curricular activities in the second year and I didn't have any girlfriends. In the final year, I hardly had any friends."

Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi had a great time during an NCC camp in graduation. He had said, "But the 10-15 days of NCC camp were very memorable moments for me. We had Navasenik, Pre-RDC and RDC camp and boys and girls from Infantry and boys from Air force wing had camped at the same place. After spending 10 days in the parade ground during pre RDC camp, we went to Delhi."

Chiranjeevi had added, "During day time we used to spread across, but we gathered in the evening, arranged camp fire and danced around it. I used to dance gladly during this time and the girls from other camps used to come there and watch us. Among them, two girls used to stare at me, but I never spoke to them. However, those were the beautiful moments of my life."