A journalism student in Bengaluru committed suicide in her paying guest accommodation on Wednesday, January 23. She was a student of Kristu Jayanti College in K Narayanapura.

Reports suggest that 19-year-old Sophia Damani was depressed due to loneliness caused by staying alone in the PG. Her body was discovered on her bed by the maid when she came to clean the accommodation.

Times of India reports that two empty medicine bottles were found near her. The maid informed the PG in-charge who informed the police as well as Sophia's parents who reside in Dubai.

On Wednesday morning, Sophia's roommate left for classes and the former said that she wouldn't go. CCTV footage recovered from the PG show that she did not come out of the room the entire day. Police suspect that Sophia committed suicide at 11 am.

The police further added that they recovered a notebook along with the two empty medicine bottles. In the notebook, Sophie had written a message to a friend apologising for not being able to make it for dinner on Sunday night.

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Unfortunately, there has been a rise in the number of suicides among students over the past few months.

In December 2018, three student suicides had rocked the city of Kota in Rajasthan. They were teenagers preparing for entrance exams. Disha Singh, 18, had committed suicide by hanging herself in her hostel room. She was preparing for her medical entrance exam.

Jitesh Gupta, 17, an IIT aspirant, was discovered hanging in his hostel room on December 25, 2018. He was residing in Kota for three years and attending IIT-JEE coaching classes.

Deepak Dadich, another IIT aspirant from Bundi in Rajasthan, was found hanging in a room of his coaching centre.