Joker trailer screenshot
Joker trailer/ Warner Bros. Youtube

The new Joker movie's adaptation of the clown prince of crime is slowly becoming a symbol among people in different societies to fight back against injustice. But this time, its not just the costume but even references/quotes from the DC film are being used by protestors in Chile, Santiago. After the people in Lebanon, Beirut wore Joker masks and makeup during their protest against the regime in power. Now, its the citizens of Chile donning the Joker persona during their protests in the streets.

Since early October, an increase in subway fares in Chile led to high school students jumping over turnstiles at metro stations in Santiago. But as police began cracking down violently on passengers for dodging turnstiles, the incident soon turned into a massive protest and the issue became much more than just the transit fare hike.

Protests in Chile
Protesters in Chile. Image: @PeterVujin/Twitter

Protesters in Sandiago have been on the streets with fire erupting in many locations. Photos on social media show people rallying to let their voices be heard about the broader economic issues in the country. Some protesters' were disguised in the Joker costume and makeup holding up signs during the protest. One user on Twitter compared a huge fire incident that occurred during the chaotic night in Santiago to scenes from Joker's movie.

Infrastructures in the capital city were also damaged with writings like, "We are all clowns", a reference that fans would remember seeing in the Joker movie. You can check it out below.  The Joker movie also addresses a similar type of governance in Gotham city where the poor and weak in the society are ignored. Eventually, it erupts a massive protest causing violent chaos where the protestants are all shown wearing Joker masks or makeup. 

Protests in Chile
Image: @AnotherCamilo/Twitter

In the past, The Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta movie, based on the graphic novel of the same name was used by hacktivists and protesters. Even quotes like, "Ideas are bulletproof" were famously used during such protests. Joker is in theaters worldwide.