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It looks like Joaquin Phoenix's Joker persona is the new Guy Fawkes mask in real life. The clown prince of crime's makeup is being embraced as a symbol, worn by Lebanon protesters during their march in the capital city of Beirut.

The people of Lebanon in Beirut have been protesting against the regime in power to be held accountable for the nation's economic crisis. The debt-ridden country's government recently declared a state of economic emergency to face the debt crisis.

News began to spread on social media that protesters were spotted wearing face paint similar to the new Joker. Then one post shared by a user on Twitter claims that there's a Joker facepaint station near the protests in Beirut.

It must be noted that there haven't been many sightings of protesters in the Joker face paint, at least on social media. So far, one particular photo of a protester holding the nation's flag in front of a blazing fire of debris has received the most traction on Twitter.

Joker Movie Joaquin Phoenix
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Some Twitter users in Lebanon have retweeted these images stating that the regime's ignorance of the crisis on hand is similar to the film's plot.

A journalist in Beirut covering the protest also shared a small clip of herself wearing a Joker mask. You can check it all below.

guy fawkes mask
A demonstrator wears a Guy Fawkes mask as he plays a drum in front of the government house during a strike against the national pension system in Santiago, Chile, November 4, 2016.Reuters

In the past, people have worn the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta as a symbol of their resistance during protests. Now, it seems like the Joker mask is being embraced by activists as well.

Joker also faced initial backlash from critics stating the film could inspire copycats to commit a real crime. There were even reports of "incels" targetting theaters in the US for mass shooting but so far, the film has continued to make the big bucks at the box office worldwide earning over $600 million so far. Joker has been released in theaters worldwide.