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It looks like Joker will soon become the highest-earning R-rated film of all time at the box office worldwide. The DC film directed by Todd Phillips starring Joaquin Phoenix has already managed to exceed its predicted expectations just after three weekends and could potentially earn over $900 million or more by the end.

It certainly hasn't been a smooth journey for Joker since its release as the movie faced backlash from critics as well as others like the Aurora shooting survivors and even prompted a potential mass shooting threat on a US movie theater. But facing all hurdles, The praise it received from critics during its premiere at TIFF and other festivals helped Joker open to jam-packed theaters globally.

According to THR, As of Sunday - the critically acclaimed Joker's worldwide earning currently sits at $737.5 million. Deadpool still holds the title as the highest earner at $783 million. The Marvel R-rated film's sequel made roughly $738 million and earned an additional $47 million after releasing a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2. (total: $785 million).

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If inflation is not taken into consideration, the film will soon earn its way to the top to become the highest-grossing R-rated film of all the time. The movie is being predicted to having a shot at hitting the $1 billion mark.The film's earning so far is itself a remarkable feat, already beating Logan ($619 million) and even the studios' very own Justice League ($659 million). If Warner Bros. manages to get Joker released in China, it's certain to cross well over $1 billion.

Joker's success with critics and fans alike prompts the question if the studio would consider making a sequel. Moreover, both Phillips and Phoenix have also expressed their interest in exploring the character more. Perhaps, a $900M+ earning could bring talks on the table.There's also been a report that Warner Bros. is interested in making more adult theme films in the wake of Joker's success. A Lex Luthor solo film seems to be reportedly in the works.  Joker is currently in theaters worldwide