Nani's Jersey has opened to a good response and made superb collection at the worldwide box office on the first day. The movie has overtaken Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 3 in most of the regions across the globe.

Nani is one of the most popular young Telugu actors, but he faced setback with his last two outings like Devadas and Krishnarjuna Yuddham turning average grossers at the box office. The promos of his latest outing Jersey had grabbed many eyeballs and generated a lot of hype and curiosity about the movie. But it faced a big threat from Kanchana 3.

Kanchana 3 is the fourth installment in the Muni series and third installment in Kanchana series, which has become a big hit with the Telugu audiences. The success of the franchise created a massive hype for this film. Many people in the industry felt that it would eat away the prospects of Jersey to some extent at the box office.

Amist huge hype and expectations, the Nani and Shraddha Srinath starrer was premiered in 140 screens across the US on April 18, a day before it hit screens in India and opened to good response every where. Jersey collected $144,634 at the US box office in the preview shows. This number was no match for Nani's previous films, but it managed to get positive talk, which boosted its collection on Friday.

Kanchana 3
Kanchana 3

As per early updates, Jersey has collected $210,000 from 119 locations at the US box office on the first day, taking its total collection to $354,634 in the country. This number is likely to increase, when the final figures are revealed. On the other hand, Kanchana 3 has got an average opening and collected $2,344 at the US box office on the first day.

Both the movies were released in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana (AP/TS) on Friday and pitted against each other. Both of them have registered fantastic response on the opening day, but Jersey has an edge over Kanchana 3 in most of the regions except Ceded, where Raghava starrer has earend more than double of Nani's film.

The distributors are yet to reveal the collections of Jersey and Kanchana 3. Here are their area-wise earnings of both films in the Telugu films. These are estimated numbers and they may not match with the actual ones. All the figures are in rupees and crore.

Area Jersey Kanchana 3
Nizam 1.97 NA
Ceded 0.37 0.83
Vizag 0.54 0.49
G East NA NA
G West NA NA
Krishna 0.34 0.30
Guntur 0.41 0.37
Nellore 0.17 0.14

NA: Not available yet