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Director Gowtham Tinnanuri's Telugu movie Jersey featuring Nani and Shraddha Srinath in the lead roles, has received positive review and good rating from the audience.

Jersey is a sports drama that is very high on emotional quotient. Gowtham Tinnanuri has written the script for the film, which is produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi under his banner Sithara Entertainments. The movie has received a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.20 hours.

Jersey movie story: It is about Arjun (Nani), who a gifted cricketer in his mid-thirties. Luck has not always been in his favour, as his career has failed to take off. The people around him insist that he should give up on his career. How he continues pursuing his dream with his courage and conviction forms the crux.

Analysis: Gowtham Tinnanuri has chosen a brilliant sentimental story for Jersey and created an engaging screenplay. The narration in the first half is high on emotional quotient, but bit slow and dragging in parts. The second half is good and climax is just stunning, say the audience.

Performances: As a struggling father and humiliated husband, Nani has delivered career-best performance, which is the highlight of Jersey. In fact, he is the show man. Shraddha Srinath has done good job and her chemistry with Nani is good. Sathyaraj, Brahmaji, Subbaraju, Rahul Ramakrishna, Sampath Raj and Praveen have also done justice to their roles, say the audience.

Technical: Anirudh Ravichander's stunning background score, Sanu Varghese's beautiful picturisation, Naveen Nooli's brilliant editing and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Jersey movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to read audience's response.

Ganesh Ravuri‏ @ganeshravuri

#Jersey is one of the most satisfying movies I'd watched in a long time. Theater bayataki udvegam, santrupthi tho vache movies chala chala arudu. I've always been a fan of @NameisNani's work. He has set d bar very high for himself with Jersey. Great work by Gautham & Anirudh

V M R‏ @vasireddy1905

Walked out of theatre with bloody satisfaction after long time. No words can describe the performance of @NameisNani he simply delivered performance of lifetime. I think we already had movie of the year. Simply outstanding #Jersey Best scene in the movie is where Arjun walks into the railway station & screams,that entire sequence is outstanding. Special mention to the kid, the scene where his friend tells his father's pic came again in newspaper,he simply turns his back & smile with pride Director Gowtham is here to stay for a long time,one should have balls to choose this script as a 2nd film. Sanu verghese brilliant cinematography, Anirudh's extraordinary back ground score took this film to next level. This film is going to haunt me for a while #Jersey Each & every one who is associated with this film, be it Director, Acotors, Producer, technician can feel proud of themselves. This is going to be remembered for a long time in their lives. Feeling jealous of those who involved with this film #Jersey

Sonia Reddy‏ @sonykreddy

Loved #Jersey which reminds us it's not to late to pursue our dreams. It was quite an emotional and inspirational film. For a while I forgot I was watching @NameisNani as he lives in the role of Arjun. Glad to see #teluguCinema changing and exploring genres like sports drama.

Jishnu Rahul‏ @juznu_here

@NameisNani you gave us many wonderful movies before some made us laugh and some made us emotional but #JERSEY is one movie which will remains special we laughed when you laughed and we cried when u cried finally @gowtam19 I'm waiting for your next project now 2 scenes I'm not getting out of those scenes 1. Talk between Arjun and nani about why nani lied to his mom 2. Railway station scene

T H A L A P A T H Y 63‏ @Vishal_Chand97

#Jersey Whatte heart warming piece of work . A soulful movie after manam is guess . @NameisNani u beauty appreciate the guys to play a middle aged father . U will reach more heights. This man @anirudhofficial brings all the soul and life to the movie. Love you Ani ♥️♥️

Sidhu‏ @sidhuwrites

#Jersey: Wholly satisfying. A sublime sports drama that is both unique and engrossing, don't think any film has stayed true to the game as much as this one in recent times. Emotionally so strong! #Jersey: @NameisNani and @ShraddhaSrinath shine in equally solid roles, their on-screen relationship is the heart of the film and it works so well. Nani's railway station scene is absolutely superb. Good to see @iamharishkalyan in an important role too! #Jersey: @anirudhofficial's grand score elevates the proceedings specifically in the final hour, with the theme song working wonders. Another good outing for him, with the songs being montage sequences and not tampering the flow of the film.

Harsha Gokaraju‏ @harsha_gokaraju

#Jersey is an emotional ride..Nani's excellent performance in recent times... a feel good movie

Venkatesh Venky‏ @venkybest

Good First Half Nani performance Super asusual.. Pekadesaadu Especially last 20 min before interval #Jersey

Dinesh141‏ @Dinesh14110

#Jersey What an emotional ride. Nani's one man show. @anirudhofficial at his best! This is going to steal your hearts. @NameisNani

Nela Ticket‏ @Justrevyu

As I said #JERSEY is sureshot blockbuster @NameisNani what an acting brother , I am sure no one could have pulled this role atleast like half you did. @anirudhofficial that bgm #mustwatchjersey #Jerseyreview If you're free today go watch #JERSEY we rarely get films like these, witness wonderfully designed characters, amazing bgm by @anirudhofficial, amazing direction by @gowtam19 and BEST EVER performance from @NameisNani #Jerseyreview #JERSEY Promise you will not regret.

Phani Kumar‏ @PhaniAlwayz

#JERSEY Movie Review - @NameisNani Hits out of the Park #Nani Delivers Career best Performance , Emotional Scenes , fantastic interval & Climax ,Good Bgm, Good Direction - few lags here & there #Jersey is Emotional Roll Coaster Ride Best in Recent times - 3.75/5 #JerseyReview

Kartheek Kalluri‏ @KartheekKalluri

#Jersey A movie where you tend to give up on social media and smartphones becomes a disturbance. Such is the effect of JERSEY on me. Earnest in @NameisNani eyes proves he has given himself for #Arjun. @gowtam19 is no more a debutant but a craftsman. @ShraddhaSrinath is brilliant.

Bharat Kumar‏ @bharatgump

What a ride. Natural star @NameisNani performance was at his peaks in #JERSEY a must watch for everyone. This film will stay with me for very long time. You dont have to put an age limit on your dreams

Khaleesi Snow‏ @PinkCancerian

14 #Jersey Nani's best performance to date. It's a meek movie with lot of emotions,connect & feel. Anirudh's BGM,near to perfect scenes and those characters- they grow on you. Director has a way of telling his story beautifully. Go watch it 3/5

Sai Satish‏ @TheSaiSatish

#Jersey is a good film which goes quite slow paced with some outstanding performances by @NameisNani @ShraddhaSrinath should have been more engaging or entertaining ⭐⭐⭐ star film #JerseyReview #JERSEYfromToday

Vishnu Thej Putta‏ @VishnuThejPutta

#JERSEY first half: Neat narration with good emotions. The theme of the film is kept intact and @NameisNani excels in every scene with subtle yet strong performance The father and son threat is dealt well. Kudos to director @gowtam19

♓️arsha‏ @harshakaruturi

#JERSEY is an emotional journey. Top class performances from all the lead cast. Climax NANI - THE ACTOR @NameisNani Good 1st half !! #JERSEY That Performance after he came to know that he selected in 15 mem squad !! TOP CLASS @NameisNani #JERSEY

Vamsi krishna‏ @pvamk

Emotional scenes are a standout @NameisNani irakottadu acting ranji lo select aina scene koduku tho scene lu BGM bagundi #Jersey