Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston
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Can you believe that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston sorted things out? If a recent report by Woman's Day is to be believed, Brad Pitt's former wives decided to bury the hatchet at Reese Witherspoon's birthday party.

The magazine's source claim that Witherspoon urged the two women to sort things out because she was finding it difficult to balance the friendships with Jolie and Aniston.

"For years, Reese has had to delicately balance the friendships and it hasn't been easy at times. But she decided enough was enough and encouraged both of them to attend," the insider claimed.

Apparently things got awkward at party and Aniston soon took charge and decided to approach Jolie. "Everyone in the room was suddenly aware of what was going on and you could feel the tension," the source said.

The informant added that the two actresses shared an "extremely courteous and civil" conversation with Brad Pitt's name not mentioned once. Jolie allegedly addressed Aniston's split with her second husband, Justin Theroux, and said that "she was sorry to hear of her split."

As shocking as it sounds, Gossip Cop debunks the story, suggesting that the said incident never took place. A source close to Aniston told the site that there is no truth in the claim.

While Witherspoon is known to spend her birthday with friends every year, this year it looked like she chose to keep a family affair. The actress shared a picture of celebrating her birthday with her son and family where she was seen posing with a birthday cake with her son.

As for Jennifer and Angelina, ever since the two actresses have parted ways with their respective husbands, tabloids have been going wild with speculations about the actresses' feud. It took a huge turn when it was reported that Jolie and Aniston will be under one roof attending Golden Globes 2018.

While fans hoped that the two divas would cross paths, Angelina and Jennifer steered clear from each other.