Jayasurya, one of the noted young stars in Mollywood, recently faced the humiliation of his life after he shared one edited picture on his Facebook page. The photo was basically a collage featuring several Mollywood stars in cop attire, and the picture was aimed to create awareness among the general public regarding the hardships faced by policemen during the coronavirus outbreak.

Jayasurya deleted the post

The post shared by Jayasurya soon went viral, but it received negative reviews from the majority of social media users, and the reason was very simple; this photo did not have Suresh Gopi, the Action King of Mollywood who had portrayed more than 20 memorable police characters in his career.

Interestingly, the photo shared by Jayasurya had Dulquer Salman in it, and until now, he has not donned Khaki uniform in his career. The only one police role Dulquer played was in 'Vikramadithyan'. However, the film did not have any scenes where the star can be seen wearing khaki.

Image shared by JayasuryaFacebook

"You are such a failure Jayasurya, as you posted a police collage without Suresh Gopi. And you dare to include your pathetic 'Idi', and some other box-office bombs like Kalki. And I also see some school going kids who have never worn the khaki uniform in this image. First of all, this image was copied from Tamil. While copying, why cannot show some common sense. Anyway, you got what you deserve for not adding Suresh Gopi in this photo. Keralites cannot imagine any other actor who is perfect in police uniform like Suresh Gopi, and sometimes Biju Menon" posted Sardar Krishnakurup, a Facebook user.

As social media outrage went to an extent beyond Jayasurya's imagination, the star finally deleted this picture.

Why Suresh Gopi is the best in police roles?

Even though Mammootty and Mohanlal had done many police roles in their career, it was Suresh Gopi who impressed mass audiences with his powerful punch dialogues and spectacular action scenes in police uniform. Mollywood audiences believe that Shaji Kailas' 'Commissioner' is the best police tale ever made in the history of Mollywood.

Suresh Gopi
Suresh Gopi in The King and the CommissionerYouTube

Apart from Commissioner, Suresh Gopi had immortalized several other police roles in movies like, 'The Tiger', 'FIR', 'Bharathchandran IPS', 'Time', 'Crime File', 'Christian Brothers', 'IG', 'Nariman', and 'Sathyameva Jayathe'.