It seems cinema has come to a screeching halt, but all is not lost. Kerala's film industry has come to the aid of the government in spreading awareness of Coronavirus. To do this they have taken to the online medium, and are uploading short films on aspects of the pandemic. 

Cinema can help spread awareness, and that's what the Kerala government is leveraging in their Break the Chain campaign. FEFKA is working with the government and has created a series of short films on their new YouTube channel to help combat the crisis of awareness regarding the virus.

FEFKA- Break the Chain series

FEFKA creates short films on Coronavirus for the public

The Coronavirus pandemic has left no part of the world untouched. In India, the cases have risen to 650, and the numbers don't seem to be going down. In light of the crisis, the whole country has been pushed into lockdown. This has caused a devastating impact on the economy and the people. Another industry that has been hit by it is the film industry, across the country. 

However, we still have digital platforms for entertainment, while nothing new will be produced in the near future. The Film Employees Federation of Kerala is working with the Kerala government on their Break the Chain campaign. As part of the campaign, FEFKA has created nine short films on the Coronavirus which they will be uploading on their newly-launched YouTube channel.

They have so far uploaded five, with each dealing with a single aspect or behavioural issue as part of the pandemic. The first Wonderwoman Vanaja dealt with the issue of house help during the pandemic to help social distancing

The second was Superman Sadanandhan which looks at gatherings and large functions like marriages in the time of the pandemic.

The third, Wonderwoman Vidhya addresses the public's temptation of panic-buying.

Superman Subair is the fourth one which effectively looks at discrimination and racial profiling.

Superman Anthony the latest and the fifth in the series, is about children and how children need to practice social-distancing. 

Each one deals with different aspects and different types of citizens including an appeal at the end by a Malayalam film personality.