The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Jammu, Chandan Kohli on Friday refuted rumors in the Jammu district about a "gang of kidnappers" active in lifting children from different schools.

The SSP has posted a video message on social media to refute the rumours that attempts were made to kidnap some students from two prominent schools in Jammu city.

The SSP has posted a video as fear psychosis gripped residents of Jammu districts after social media flooded with reports that a gang has been active in the city to lift students from schools.
Just two days ago, some digital media platforms circulated a report on social media in which it was reported that attempts were made to kidnap students from one of the prominent schools in Jammu city.

SSP Jammu
J&K Police

After an isolated incident of lifting a child from district hospital Kishtwar, which was recovered within two hours, people turned more panicked. After the Kishtwar incident, fake messages were flooded on social media about the kidnapping of children from different places.  

Although all the messages were fake, panic gripped residents of Jammu city and netizens were questioning the police for not taking any action.

The panicky situation prompted local police to refute such rumours to ease the tension of the people.

J&K Police

Do not believe in child-lifting gang rumours, or social media messages: SSP

"In recent past, some rumours have been spread in Jammu district areas that a gang involved in kidnapping and theft of children is active," the SSP Jammu said in a statement.

"No report is available with police regarding any such gang and the talks are merely rumours. However, Jammu Police have increased patrolling and vigil in the areas," he added.

He further said that any such information with parents/ guardians or any other person may kindly be shared with the nearest police station or police post.