Style diva Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her killer looks, lean figure and stunning beauty. The Sri Lankan beauty is a fitness freak and that is the reason she opts for a very disciplined workout regime and healthy dieting.

The actress indulges in every routine that goes into sculpting her perfect physique. However, Jacqueline's fitness mantra is neither extreme diet nor extreme workouts but to follow the different ways to make her workout sessions fruitful as well as entertaining for herself.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez (Source: Instagram)


Jacky loves dancing and it has always been in the top of her workout sessions. Being a die-hard fan of Madhuri Dixit, the actress considers Madhuri as her role model.

Including hip-hop, jazz, Zumba or isolations in her workout routine Jacqueline practices dance five times a week. Pole dance is another set of exercise which she admires a lot and does it quite frequently since she thinks that all the flexibility of her body is because of Pole Dancing.


Gymnastics are yet another favourite exercise routine of the actress. Since Jacqueline's fitness revolves around flexibility, stamina and strength she sticks to gymnastics a lot and for stamina, she focuses upon cardio exercises.

Miss Fernandez keeps painting her Instagram feed with her gymnastics sessions, raising many eyebrows with her splits and back-bends.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is the key to her well-toned body. Jacqueline gets up at 7 in the morning and does yogasanas and stretching exercises to improve her strength, stamina and stability. Yoga not only helps her in physical but also with mental growth and peace.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez (Source: Instagram)

Pilates is another set of workout which she does for lengthening and developing the core of muscles which is very crucial for her since it is the basis of everything.

Boot Camp

Unlike many Bollywood actors, the 'Drive' actress is not a gym person especially when it is all about weight training. Although she likes to avoid pulling up weights, Jacky does take to functional-fitness drills and callisthenics.

Her boot camp which happens thrice a week comprises of cardiovascular activities and lightweight training since she wanted to incorporate strength training in her regime.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez (Source: Twitter)

Even her social media posts reveal that she incorporates basic Olympic lifts into her pieces of training.

Intermittent Fasting and diet Routine

Jacqueline Fernandez has been following intermittent fasting for the past 2 years which includes 16 hours of fasting in a day. She starts her morning with a warm glass of lemon water and does not take her first meal until 11 am. Then she has porridge, berries, and nuts for her first meal.

At around 5 pm, jacky eats some fruits or nuts, or a coffee and after an hour or so, she has a wholesome meal, which will include salad, avocado, hummus, quinoa with eggs, pita chips, rice or noodles, and maybe a soup.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez diet (Source: Twitter)

After that, she directly eats at 7 pm. Since once she was vegan, the 34-year-old actress loved having eggs.

Once in an interview she said, I'm not vegan anymore, I'm vegetarian. But, there are days when I crave vegan food because I find it nourishing for my body, and good for my skin. Also, vegan food, like simple dal chawal and sabzi, is easy to access. I switched back to eating eggs because it is an extra food source, and it was tough to manage without it. Also, eggs are in a lot of foods. Eliminating it is harder."

Here are some smokin' hot workout videos of Jacqueline

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