Amid coronavirus lockdown, Jacqueline Fernandez has the power to steal the attention of the netizens. Be it for her saree-clad performance in Badshah's song Genda Phool, or for her video chats with actor Manoj Bajpayee, Jacqueline is always on the news feed for her 'killer looks'. 

In the Netflix film Mrs Serial Killer, Jacqueline Fernandez plays a killer wife who's husband gets framed for murder, which makes her take drastic steps only to prove that he is innocent. The actress who usually dons a girl-next-door avatar is seen in a dark phase, which might be a huge boost for her career as an actress.


In a press statement released by Netflix, director Shirish Kunder said, "The lead actors have all brought their characters to life and each of them has different stories that will complete the mystery 1st May onwards, when the world gets to watch Mrs Serial Killer, only on Netflix. It has been a joy for me to give life to this story for a discerning audience, after the positive response to my short film, Kriti."

'I cannot wait for people to see what she is capable of'


Jacqueline Fernandez, who is playing the lead role in the film said in a statement, "Sona Mukerjee could be your next-door neighbour but the quirks of fate throw her into a position where she has to learn to be sinister and become Mrs. Serial Killer. I cannot wait for people to see what she is capable of."

This might be a pathbreaking opportunity for Jacqueline Fernandez who has mostly been popular for a different kind of entertainment. Earlier, Zoom had reported that Jacqueline has been on the hunt for meaty roles, and this might be her chance to do so. 

'One day the world comes crashing down on him'

Manoj Bajapyee

A regular cinephile can blindly trust Manoj Bajpayee to play any character he portrays on screen. In an era when most actors chased stardom, Manoj Bajpayee strongly held a different opinion about on-screen performances and he has rightfully managed to maintain his stature.

While talking about his role Manoj Bajpayee said, "I play Dr Mrityunjoy Mukerjee in the film, which is a character written by Shirish, who convinced me to work together after Kriti. The character has everything going for him till one day the world comes crashing down on him and he is accused of being a serial killer. He is helpless and must depend upon his wife to help prove his innocence. This is my first role with Netflix and I am very happy with how Joy has shaped up."

If all goes well, Mrs Serial Killer might be the turning point in Jacqueline Fernandez's career.