In the midst of the lockdown, much like most of us, actor Ayushmann Khurrana too has gotten into the habit of binge-watching. He particularly seems to be inspired by Netflix's web-series Money Heist. In his latest video, he was seen dressed as professor Sergio Marquina, a character from the web-series, and was seen playing Bella Ciao. 


"I want to be the professor'

"I want to be the professor. That's why I'm wearing similar glasses and playing Bella Ciao. I want to put this out in the universe. Hello reverent filmmakers, are you listening? Please! I'm dying to do something like this. I'm itching to go on sets and work, like each and every human on this planet. We all want to go out and work. But patience is a virtue they say. Till then Bella Ciao. #MoneyHeist," he wrote on his Facebook post. 

This is the first time since 2018, we got a glimpse of Ayushmann playing the piano again. While this may have the actor, singer, musician's way of paying tribute to one of his favourite characters, he unknowingly also reminded us of his character Aakash from Andhadhun, who was also a pianist who pretended to be blind.  

The film which went on to win a National Award had been a huge hit in 2018. The ending of the film is debated till date, on whether or not Aakash had been a blind man all along, or if he truly had killed Simi in the end. 

Director Sri Ram Raghavan in an interview with the press had confessed that the writers and cinematographers had been quite perplexed about the ending sequence. They didn't want to portray an artiste as a killer, hence kept the audience under suspense, with a shot sequence, where Aakash was seen kicking a can with his walking stick, which had a rabbit carved in it. Many fan theories also suggested that Aakash represented the rabbit, while others have suggested that the rabbit didn't exist at all. 

Earlier, Ayushmann Khurrana had announced that he will be taking a break from work to spend time with his family. But there are few characters, scripts which urge him to come back to work. After all, in his post, he did urge filmmakers to give him such a role.