Like last year, Apple has announced to host the spring event later this month, which will witness the launch of several new hardware and also game-changing entertainment service.

Apple has begun sending out invites to media outlets for Special Event scheduled on March 25 local time, 10:00 am PDT (10:30 pm IST) at the company's prestigious Steve Jobs Theater, 1 Apple Park, Cupertino.

What's coming at this Apple Special Event 2019?

Couple of them, which are certain to debut is the new standard iPad (7th gen) and the iPod Touch (7th gen). Other rumours are indicating that Apple might bring the AirPods 2, possibly the new iPad mini and finally announce the retail availability of AirPower, which was showcased first during the iPhone X event in 2017.

First up, the standard iPad (7th gen) is expected to come with the same design as the previous iteration, including the Touch ID and support for Apple Pencil stylus. But, will come with a serious upgrade in terms of size and internal hardware. It is said to come with 10.2, 0.5-inch bigger than the predecessor and will house powerful Apple A11 Fusion series chipset with the addition of the enhanced camera and battery life.

Apple, Special Event, March 2019
Apple Special Event is scheduled to kick off on March 25 in Cupertino.Apple Events Page (screen-shot)

As far as the iPad mini (5th gen) is concerned, it will have a 7.9-inch screen, new Apple A9 series processor (if not A11 series to match iPad 7th gen series), better battery life and enhance camera, in addition, to support of Apple Pencil.

On the other hand, the iPod Touch (7th gen), which is due for three years is finally expected to break cover this Apple sprint event. One of the biggest change over the predecessor will be the design. It is said to come with full view screen, but we are unsure there will be a big notch at the top of the display like the iPhone X and later models. It will also come with the upgraded processor, camera on the back and bigger battery, in addition, to support for Apple Video streaming services.

Apple, tvOS 12
Apple's new tvOS 12 comes with features for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th gen) to make it even easier for customers to access the shows and movies across all Apple devicesApple India Press Kit

Talking of Apple Video streaming service and we believe this will the major announcement of Apple event on March 25, as it will take on the mighty Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

We have heard reports of Apple signing big Hollywood celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, and also Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are already working on 'The Morning Show' TV series. The company has reportedly roped in several artists to offer various family oriented clean programmes.

We just have to wait a couple of weeks to know what Apple has in store for fans.