If you're planning to get back to your native or get back from it as Karnataka has relaxed some lockdown restrictions, it might be a little complicated than just driving your car across borders - inter-district and interstate alike. But there's no reason to be frightened or upset as one can follow the guidelines issued by the state government and the police department to easily get an interstate travel pass during the lockdown in Karnataka.

It is mandatory for passing vehicles to obtain a travel pass in case of interstate transit. People traveling from Karnataka to other states or vice versa need to register themselves and apply for a travel pass before starting the journey. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to go about getting an interstate travel pass in Karnataka.

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Travel pass for interstate

How to get interstate travel pass in Karnataka?

In order to make it easier for people, the process of applying for an inter-state travel pass, to and from Karnataka, has been made digital. One can simply log on to the Karnataka state government's Seva Sindhu website. Individuals will need to fill out all the details, along with name, vehicle registration number, addresses (to and from) and more. The application can also be tracked online.

Apply for interstate travel pass
Apply for interstate travel pass

Alternatively, individuals can apply for a travel pass from nearest gram panchayat offices, town municipality, taluk offices, TMC, CMC offices, or the corporation zonal offices. In Bengaluru, one can apply at the Office of Jurisdictional DCP (L&O) in Bengaluru.

Individuals must get NOC from DM/Collector/SP/DCP of the receiving District of receiving state with names & mobile numbers of traveling persons.

Applicants need the following documents:

  1. Names & mobile numbers of persons travelling (1+2) along with ID proof
  2. Journey/Destination details
  3. Date of Departure
  4. Vehicle Reg Number
  5. Driver's name & mobile
  6. Reason for travel
  7. NOC issued by DC/DM/SP/DCP of destination

Applications will be processed at the state level and permits will be issued with the approval of receiving states. Approved passengers must be screened by health authorities before the travel date. All travelers must carry valid government identification proof.